ENGSO Youth Young Delegates programme connects individuals who are willing to take meaningful action and play an important role in advocating and empowering children and young people in the sport for all sector. It is a devoted and knowledgeable group of individuals (18-30 years old), committed to using sport as a tool for positive social change. ENGSO Youth Young Delegates contribute to the development of the organisation and are directly involved in ENGSO Youth working groups during their two years mandate.

The call for 2021-23 Young Delegates programme is open!
Sustainable Development


Khoudija Houhou (Algeria)

Martim Ramôa (Portugal)

Mirjana Ivkovic (Serbia)

Scilla Szmoloaiova (Slovakia)

Metehan Cengiz (Turkey)


Marianne Skopal (Austria)

Zhanna Tlegenova (Germany)

Christian Hajj (Lebanon)

Miguel Peralta (Portugal)

Emilie Moffat (UK)

Employment and education


Vugar Rustamili (Azerbaijan)

Isaiah Kiolouglou (Greece)

Spela Hus (Slovenia)

Stefan Ferencz (UK)

Social inclusion


Laura Maria Tiidla (Estonia)

Dillon Richardson (Canada/Germany)

Gena Sturgon (USA/Kosovo)

Zane Skujina (Latvia)

Lars Cornelissen (Netherlands)

Sports diplomacy


Sakina Valiyeva (Azerbaijan)

Sandra Zwick (Germany)

Fabio Jorge da Silva (Japan/Portugal)

Giulia Santangelo (Italy)

Ekaterina Gorokhova (Russia)

Young Delegates come from all over
the World

Best volunteer award winners

Each mandate ENGSO Youth awards one young delegate with the Best Volunteer award. The past winners were: 

Laura Maria Tiidla (2019-21), Marisa Schlenker (2017-2019), Francesco Fiorini (2015-2017), Carole Ponchon (2013-2015).