The Young Delegates initiative started in 2013 and it counted 13 Young Delegates (2013-2015). In the next term - 2015-2017, the number grew to 36. In the last period - 2017-2019, ENGSO Youth had 46 Young Delegates in total (where 19 of them extended the mandate from 2015-2017).

For the mandate of 2019-2021, the ENGSO Youth Committee has decided to have 25 Young Delegates with the aim of increasing their involvement in the organisation’s work.

The 2019-2021 Young Delegates, based on the ENGSO Youth working group
Sustainable Development


Khoudija Houhou (Algeria)

Martim Ramôa (Portugal)

Mirjana Ivkovic (Serbia)

Scilla Szmoloaiova (Slovakia)

Metehan Cengiz (Turkey)


Marianne Skopal (Austria)

Zhanna Tlegenova (Germany)

Christian Hajj (Lebanon)

Miguel Peralta (Portugal)

Emilie Moffat (UK)

Employment and education


Vugar Rustamili (Azerbaijan)

Isaiah Kiolouglou (Greece)

Spela Hus (Slovenia)

Stefan Ferencz (UK)

Social inclusion


Laura Maria Tiidla (Estonia)

Dillon Richardson (Canada/Germany)

Gena Sturgon (USA/Kosovo)

Zane Skujina (Latvia)

Lars Cornelissen (Netherlands)

Sports diplomacy


Sakina Valiyeva (Azerbaijan)

Sandra Zwick (Germany)

Fabio Jorge da Silva (Japan/Portugal)

Giulia Santangelo (Italy)

Ekaterina Gorokhova (Russia)

Young Delegates come from all over
the World
Young Delegates meeting 2020

From 21-26th August 2020 the Young Delegates will meet in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We will gather to do our part in empowering refugees through sport in Europe. ENGSO Youth continues to lead the change!

The meeting is supported by the Council of Europe through European Youth Foundation; #eyfcoe.

More info is coming soon.

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