We are the non-governmental umbrella youth organisation of ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation). Our aim is to represent the young Europeans in sports in 40 countries and to achieve, promote and support the implementation of the ENGSO guidelines for children and youth sport. ENGSO Youth promotes sport, health and participation of children and young people as well as volunteering and international cooperation in the sport sector.


The European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO) is a not for profit organisation with public responsibilities, the umbrella organisation of National Sport Confederations and National Olympic Committees from 33 European countries.

ENGSO's main aim is to be a bridge building organisation in order to:

  • provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and information;

  • discuss and lobby on current sport political issues;

  • seek common positions on sports issues and publicize these positions;

  • strengthen the co-operation with other sport bodies;

  • contribute to intergovernmental sports co-operation, and represet the principal non-governmental organisation position within other European sports related meetings;

  • develop and support ENGSO Youth