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The Skills for You(th) through Sport (SK4YS) is a transnational initiative of European sport, youth organisations and educational institutions in order to raise awareness on soft skills and competences gained through sport practice and to build capacity of these organisations to implement sport based employment programmes.

The two years long project builds on a cross-sectoral approach of sport, youth, employment and education policies of the European Union and on the outcomes of the Study on the contribution of sport to the employability of young people in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy.

The project aims to increase recognition of transferable skills that sport can develop for young people – especially those not in employment, education or training.

The cross-sector nature of our initiative is best represented by the variety of our partners:

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Main objectives of the project:


Raising awareness on soft skills gained through sport through increased cross-sector cooperation.


Empowering and building capacity of sport and youth organisations, educational institutions to develop and deliver sport based employability programs for young people.


Collection, classification and promotion of European good practices in the field of skills development through sport and sport based employability programmes.

During the implementation phase of the project the partner consortium maped the European field of Sport Plus and Plus Sport programmes which resulted in the creation of an accessible database.


As a result of the outcomes of this mapping activity an educational module was developed aiming to raise awareness on these sport-based interventions and providing practical advices for planning similar initiatives.

During the implementation and dissemination phases partners engaged in advocacy activities and intense social media communication campaign aiming to reach out to wide public.

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