Road to 2030

Sustainable Development & Sports


Road to 2030 – Sustainable Development & Sports is an initiative of ENGSO Youth that targets the youth sport sector and explores ways how the Sustainable Development Goals can be implemented in sport by youth for youth.


On 3 Augustus 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development outcome document was launched, publishing goals for global development for the next fifteen years; on September 25 the UN General Assembly adopted and set up new global guiding.

ENGSO Youth recognizes the Global Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development as a historical opportunity to secure that sport and physical activity are integrated as a meaningful and cost-effective tool to achieve the sustainable development goals.

ENGSO Youth has made a statement to actively support this initiative:

Sustainable Development Goals & the 2030 Development Agenda – ENGSO Youth’s Position as representative of grassroots sport in Europe

Furthermore ENGSO Youth has developed a “Sustainable Development & Sports” programme of interactive workshops to educate and inform young people about sustainable development and it’s relation to sport.

Curious about the relation between the 2030 Development Agenda and sport? Have a look at this document


The objectives of the initiative is to:

  • Raise awareness among youth of the possible interactions between SDGs and sport,

  • Collect ideas from youth how sport can contribute the Sustainable Development Goals,

  • Collect examples how sport events can be more sustainable economically, socially and environmentally.


Sport and sustainable development has a mutual relationship: sport can contribute to the SDGs; at the same time, sport can benefit from the implementation of the SDGs in the sport sector. Representing youth in sport in Europe, ENGSO Youth sees this mutual relationship as an opportunity to be exploited.

By sensitizing young people to the mutual relationship and possible interactions between the Sustainable Development Goals and sport, we aim to create a culture in and through sport among youth that mind and make allowance for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Implementation Method

We plan to organise side events in the form of seminars or sessions to sport or youth events and conferences,

where participants are introduced to the SDGs, and give opinions on, analyse and debate issues that affect youngsters.

We also give them assignments to evaluate sport events and come up with examples and

case studies how sport can contribute to SGDs.

Expected Outcomes

The initiative is expected to have the following outcomes:

  • Increased awareness among youth about the possible interactions between SDGs and sport,

  • Guidelines how SDGs can be implemented in sport by youth for youth,

  • Collection of good examples how sport events can be economically, socially and environmentally more sustainable.


The initiative is running from July 2016 to December 2018.

The “Road to 2030” workshop was successfully held during the European Athletics 2016 Young

Leaders Forum in Amsterdam last July.

During this workshop fifty young people were introduced to the Agenda 2030

and the role of sport as a tool to achieve the goals.

Together with its partners, ENGSO Youth will remain to educate young people with SDGs youth sport programme.