SK4YS - Skills for You(th) through Sport

SK4YS is a transnational initiative of European sport, youth organisations and educational institutions in order to raise awareness on soft skills and competences gained through sport practice and to build capacity of these organisations to implement sport based employment programmes.

The two years long project builds on a cross-sectoral approach of sport, youth, employment and education policies of the European Union and on the outcomes of the Study on the contribution of sport to the employability of young people in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy.

COME IN! - inclusive sports programmes for young people with and without disabilities

Come In - Creating Opportunity for sport Members at grassroots level to Enable Inclusion, as a partner with the intention of continuing fostering inclusive sports programmes for young people with disabilities and young people without.

The project is lead by OPES, the Italian member of ENGSO, and involve 3 more partners: ENGSO Youth, ANESTAPS from France and SPARC form the UK and is funded by Erasmus+ sports chapter of the European Union.

SWinG - Supporting Women in achieving their Goals

The project will identify and nurture women emerging leaders and empower them to become real actors of change- change makers and decision makers in the sport and physical activities sector.

The final aim will be to facilitate and support emerging/aspiring women sport leaders in achieving a change-making position in sport governing bodies. Therefore the project will promote Executive Board as an option for women volunteers in sport while also focusing on motivation, training, and skills development for the participants

EYVOL - Empowering Youth Volunteers through Sport

The project provide young multipliers (youth leaders and civil society activists) and young people specialized in sport with concrete educational and training tools to be used in youth empowerment activities based on sport and for the training of young sport volunteers.

MONITOR - Monitoring and Evaluation Manual for Sport-for-Employability Programmes

The project will implement the Employability Study’s recommendations while also develop a manual to enable (starting)  youth/sport/employability/educations organisations to undertake systematic Monitoring and Evaluation. It will also develop policy guidelines for employability sector on recognition of skills developed through sports. 

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