• ENGSO Youth

Young Delegate Lars at “Sport participation of the LGBTI community” meeting

Lars Cornelissen is ENGSO Youth Young Delegate from the Netherlands, and a member of our inclusion working group.

On 25 June 2020, he set up an online meeting about the diversity in sport. The most important point of the discussion was the inclusion and the challenges of the LGBTI sport community.

The main topic was: how can we increase the sport participation of the LGBTI community and what can we do to make them feel welcome and accepted in sport.

The meeting was a cooperation between the Dutch Football Federation, the John Blankstein Foundation (an organization which fights for equal opportunities for LGBTI athletes), a province of ‘Noord-Holland’ and NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation).

For us it’s very important that everyone, it doesn’t matter who you are, or how you look like and where come you from, feels welcome in sport and by a sport club,” said Lars.

The participants of the meeting were mainly the sport representatives or policymakers from the province of Noord-Holland.

The meeting started with facts and figures about the LGBTI community in sport. For example, 92% of Dutch people share the opinion that people from the LGBTI community should have equal opportunities. But it’s well proven that this group is less active and less involved with sport clubs.

The participants also had the opportunity to hear about the experiences from the field, and how the LGBTI community is treated in sport and clubs.

The meeting included different sessions and discussions on finding solutions to better support municipalities and sport clubs, in regards to the inclusion of the LGBTI community.

Everyone is welcome in sport!