• ENGSO Youth

What’s in there for youth? The new Erasmus+ programme received a green light!

We as young people and youth organisations have seen the value of the Erasmus+ program first hand, as because of the mobilities supported from the program, our lives have changed. And now, we are happy to see that the decision-makers within the EU acknowledge the programme's positive impact, with the increase of the budget.

The new Erasmus+ budget (2021-2027) is now almost doubled compared to the funding for the previous programme (2014-2020), which according to the European Commission will result in additional 12 million participants!

This approval makes us very eager to finally see how the new programme will look, and its possibilities and opportunities. The information that we have to point out is that the programme's sport chapter will increase up to 1.9% of the overall budget, and 10.3% of the Erasmus+ budget will be dedicated to the youth activities, like exchanges and participation projects. We in ENGSO Youth are welcoming these increases, as we hope that they will significantly impact youth and sport organisations, especially the ones working in grassroots.

Additionally, we are happy to hear that the priorities set within the new programme are representing the real needs of young people and youth organisations and that they are in line with what ENGSO Youth focuses on, notably:

- inclusion and diversity,

- sustainability, environmental and climate goals,

- participation of young people in democratic life.

The new Erasmus+ program is a good step towards a better, more inclusive and equal Europe with healthy and engaged young people.