• ENGSO Youth

Swinging towards Youth and Female leadership

What is leadership?

SWinG (supporting women in achieving their goals) project team, while articulating the term in one of the Intellectual outputs of this ERASMUS+ funded project, stated that leadership can be described as the art of motivating a group of people to act/work towards achieving a common goal.

It is based on the capacity (not necessarily on a position of power) to create a vision and to translate it into a form of reality so that others want to contribute to and to maximize their contribution to this vision. Therefore, leadership implies managing the resources at disposal but also communicating, inspiring and serving the team/group (not the other way around).

Is there a better place and time to start empowering and teaching leadership skills than "starting with youth"?

Last weekend, ENGSO Youth organised a local multiplier SWING project event for 12-18 years old youth leaders from Lithuania to showcase the project achievements and to question the status quo of female leadership in the sport organisations.

During the three days of activities, 29-31 October 2021, youngsters discussed what is leadership, what are the main obstacles for females and young women to be a part of decision-making bodies in sport, how young people can contribute to the change, what does it mean to be an effective leader, and how to communicate about your plans, ideas and positions.

24 young leaders tried public speaking, created their presentations, engaged in non-formal training exercises to develop their skills on strategic developments and planning.

Participants also shared their thoughts that besides formal definitions leadership is also... dreaming. And not to be afraid to dream big.

Of course, making sure that you follow the dreams by actions, giving direction, making sure you have a right environment, but at the same time realizing that you cannot control everything. Like those paper planes, which were released as a closing moment for the event.

Learn more about the Erasmus+ funded project SWinG: www.gamechangeher.org