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Stepping in for inclusion with Special Olympics Lithuania

Last week our Step In For Inclusion (SIFI) participants from Special Olympics Lithuania organised a camp in Kaunas, Lithuania, for Youth Leaders.

Erikas, Povilas and Sandra - athletes who participated in our SIFI event in Lisbon, Portugal, organised fun and inclusive sport activities for their friends, inspired by the values of inclusion and equal access to sport.

The event began with building bridges and continued with sitting volleyball - inclusive activities which were created by young people, including Erikas, Povilas and Sandra, and are presented in the SIFI manual.

Athletes were excited to share their experience, highlighting the joy and happiness which they brought back from the trip to Portugal as well. One of the most challenging parts for those athletes was public speaking, but this time it was obvious to see the improvement from their side.

"We were glad to see Erikas, Povilas and Sandra sharing the stories from SIFI event with everyone without hesitation, during our camp in Kaunas", said Vaiva, mentor and coordinator from Special Olympics Lithuania.

Besides using sport as a tool for inclusion, our colleagues also integrated and adopted some painting activities, connecting it to the art painting.

This is not a last step - next opportunity for public speaking and presenting the SIFI manual activities will be in Strasbourg, France, where SIFI participants will organise a follow up event for Youth during Yo!Fest 2021.

"When athletes found out about this opportunity, they thrilled and excited", added Vaiva.

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