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Spread the word! Sport for Active Citizenship toolkit has been released

The most important outcome of the 2019 Young Delegates meeting in Budapest “Sport for Active Citizenship", a manual on how we can use sport to encourage active participation of youth in the society, has been released.

Download the toolkit (click here)

ENGSO Youth, as the only youth-led European-level organisation at the nexus of sport and young people, had a privilege to organise the International Activity ‘Have a Youth Say in Sport’ in November 2019.

Thirty-five young leaders were introduced to the ‘Have Your Say!’ manual, and through participatory workshop helped its adaptation to the sporting context. This Toolkit is a result of their collaborative work.

The Toolkit includes some theoretical reflections on how sport can be a learning tool for active citizenship, democratic participation, and how it can contribute to more inclusive communities.

It provides arguments about why the European Charter on the Participation of Young People is so relevant for the grassroots sport sector, and presents some good practices of using sport as a powerful tool for learning and inclusion initiated by young people (Young Delegates of ENGSO Youth).

Furthermore, the authors of this Toolkit adapted some of the pedagogical activities of the ‘Have Your Say!’ manual so that they can be applied in the sport setting. These activities are primarily designed to be implemented with groups of young people aged 15-25 in sport context by sports coaches, physical education teachers, and general educators, too.

In fact, it will be useful to everyone who deem that sport and physical activities can aid the participation of young people in society.

We are extremely grateful to the international and intergenerational team who invaluably contributed to the creation of the manual, especially to the ENGSO Youth Young Delegates and the editors of the toolkit: Richard Bailey, Mark Bekiet, Dóra Faragó, László Földi, Iva Glibo and Erika Juhász.

Special appreciation goes to the Council of Europe and the European Youth Foundation who supported and funded the event.