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Sports For Climate Action Framework

Before we closed the “2020 chapter”, we had one more task to fulfil.

ENGSO President Stefan Bergh, ENGSO Secretary-General Sara Massini and ENGSO Youth chair Ugne Chmeliauskaitė signed the Sports For Climate Action Framework, initiated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

With the signature, we express our intent to support and implement the principles enshrined in the Sports for Climate Action Framework and we commit to working collaboratively with our friends, partners and relevant stakeholders to enhance the climate action agenda in the sports sector and to use sports as a unifying tool to drive climate awareness and action among global citizens.


In 2019 we have released a position paper discussing the role of sport entities in addressing the climate change issues.

Youth sport for climate action

With its global reach, universal appeal and the power to inspire and influence millions of people around the globe, sport is uniquely placed to lead by example as it reexamines its own practices and policies to move fans and society towards a more sustainable future within and beyond the sporting field. The global interest around sport and its media coverage, provide a strong platform to and inspire and engage large audiences to do the same. Sport is now widely recognised as a tool to be used in formal and non-formal education where it can connect with an assortment of social and soft skills development.

While sport cannot provide all the answers, sport entities can play an important role in addressing climate change by a reduction of their carbon emissions and a focus on their own waste management and energy policies. When considering 3 sport as a tool, it is important to realize its potential when used in combination with other tools to educate on different topics and advocate for sustainable environmental measures

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