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#Sport4YouthEmployment Skill(s) for Youth through Sport Online Dissemination Event

It has been acknowledged by various international policy documents that sport can be a valuable tool for boosting soft skills and competences of young people.

These soft or transversal skills can support youngsters in finding employment opportunities within and outside the sports industry. At the time of global health and economic crises especially unskilled and under-educated youth are affected by rising levels of unemployment, therefore it’s extremely important to take advantage of sports-based education and boost skills that can help their transition to the labour market, education or training. The positive impact of sport-based, youth-focused social interventions are widely recognized by the sports sector, however a great number of employers are not aware of the benefits of such programs outside of the sports industry.

The Erasmus+ co-funded Skill(s) for Youth through Sport (SK4YS) aims to raise awareness on the soft and transferable skills that can be developed through sport-based interventions. On the 8th of October an online dissemination seminar was organized by ENGSO Youth and its partners to introduce the key outcomes of the project. In the first part of the event, the members of the consortium (ENGSO Youth, EUSA, EOSE, Cyprus Youth Council, Oltalom Sport Association and Budapest Association for International Sports) highlighted the chapters of the SK4YS educational manual that is available for the public here. The second part of the event featured some of the European good practice organizations. Sport-based educational and employability interventions were introduced by the representatives of the Change Foundation (United Kingdom), the GAME (Denmark) and PeacePlayers Cyprus. The online seminar was attended by over 50 participants.

ENGSO Youth and its partners are committed to further promote the positive impact of sport on soft skills development and employability in general. The upcoming months will be dedicated to even more online awareness raising activities and if the global pandemic situation allows, partners will organize a closing meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The project could not have been delivered without the support of the Erasmus+ program of the European Union - we hereby express our gratitude for the European Community’s support.

You can learn about the main outcomes of the project here, while the presentations of the seminar can be accessed here.