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SPIDI follow-up: inclusive field hockey session in Lithuania

ENGSO Youth chair Ugne Chmeliauskaite and SPIDI participant Utku Can Karadeniz, who is also Erasmus Student Network health and well-being coordinator in Lithuania, hosted an inclusive field hockey session for kids during Vilnius Sport Festival 2020. Vilnius sport festival is the biggest sport event in the Lithuanian capital.

During the session, children had an opportunity to learn about the inclusion from playing with migrant kids from India to Ukraine. „Children do not differ, they play sports and have fun, without creating groups of “us“ and “them“. We all have a lot to learn from them“, said ENGSO Youth chair.

Without knowing how to play field hockey before, with the help of the Lithuanian field hockey federation and “Zuvedra“ hockey club, children were introduced to a new sport using the SPIDI inclusive games which will be presented in the upcoming video manual. “It helped us realise that games are really adaptable to any space or materials we have. Nevertheless, it was easier with the kids who communicate in the same language than the ones who do not speak one, so it is one of the tips we need to keep in mind for the future“, highlighted Utku.

Inclusive video manual is one of the main outcomes from Sporting Inclusive and Diversity international activity, which was held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The video manual is coming out soon! Stay tuned.


SPIDI international activity is supported by Council of Europe via European Youth Foundation #sportforinclusion and Inclusive field hockey session was hosted as one of the follow-up activities to spread the outcomes of the event.