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Meet Priyal Keni, the founder of social entrepreneurial venture Play and Shine Foundation

Priyal Keni is a rifle shooter (by profession) who has been a member of the Indian shooting team for 7 years. She has completed the advanced professional degree of chartered accountancy and is currently working in the consulting domain.

Priyal was also one of the experts in our Sport for Sustainable Development project webinar.

In the past, she was actively involved as a volunteer with several NGOs working for the betterment of underprivileged children which made her realize the lack of a holistic approach that is used in educating these children.

She truly believes that not all lessons are learnt within the four walls of the classroom by teaching subjects like English or Math. It is equally important to teach children about important life skills, practicing sport or learning a new language which can significantly contribute to their overall individual and cognitive development.

Keeping this in mind and in a pursuit to merge her passion for sports and entrepreneurship she founded her own social entrepreneurial venture the Play and Shine Foundation, a non-profit initiative functioning at the grassroots level using sports as a cohesive and flexible tool to achieve individual and community development.

Play and shine Foundation runs several programs which include sports mentoring and are emphasizing the value of sport education. They have adopted 4 key sustainable development goals which are at the core of their organizational goals. The whole idea is to build an inclusive sport culture where every child is given the equal right and opportunity to play sport.

Through the medium of sports they seek to empower more children:

  1. To initiate a dialogue against the prevailing social inequalities highly prevalent in the Indian society.

  2. Encourage more girls to challenge stereotypes and take up sport.

  3. Teach children about important values like team work, sportsman spirit, equality, respect, inclusivity, unity etc.

  4. Make children more prepared to handle pressure and deal with failure.

Learn more about Priyal and her foundation: http://playandshine.in/