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Mariano: Sporting Inclusion and Diversity at University of Camerino

Mariano Carcatella was one of the participants of the Sporting Inclusion and Diversity international activity, held in Vilnius, Lithuania, in August, and funded by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.

Below he explains how he introduced inclusive sports activities to the refuges attending the University of Camerino, as part of the SPIDI follow up activities.


"As a follow-up activity of the Sporting Inclusion and Diversity International activity, which I attended in Vilnius, I decided to introduce different sport activities to three refugees enrolled at University of Camerino, where I am currently working as Sports Manager," explains Mariano.

They have interesting stories to share:

Janbas came from Afghanistan and he is a Political Refugee. He came to Italy to flee from the war in 2013 and he studies Social Sciences. He likes to go to the gym. He speaks Italian really well and he wants to get the Italian citizenship.

Imam came from Syria to Italy in 2016 and he studies Computer Sciences. He wanted to try gym, tennis and badminton. He likes to play badminton the most. He would like to work in England in future.

Junus came from Iraq in 2014 and he studies Pharmacy. He was used to play badminton in his country so he is playing badminton twice per week. He likes Italy a lot and he wants to stay here.

With Janbas, Imam and Junus, he used and played one of the activities from the upcoming inclusive SPIDI video manual – get to know your colleagues and make your initiative sustainable. His future plan is to include them in the team sports, so they could also get new Italian friends.