• ENGSO Youth

Last meeting of the year

This Saturday, on 5 December 2020, ENGSO Youth committee members and staff gathered for the last meeting of the year.

The aim of the online gathering was to discuss the 2020 achievements and set goals for the upcoming year.

The team welcomed two new members; Anett Fodor, a new committee member from Hungary, and Matej Manevski, ENGSO Youth’s new policy and projects manager from North Macedonia.

We would like to thank our previous committee member Erika Juhász and former policy and projects manager Bence Garamvölgyi for their committed work and valuable contribution to the development of ENGSO Youth.

During the meeting we overviewed and evaluated the work of our working groups and implementation of the action plans; Inclusion, Health, Education and Employability, Sport Diplomacy and Sustainable development.

We also set big goals for 2021 (new projects applications, new and more events, internal strengthening of the organisation, extending the impact) and touched topics such as memberships, finances, staff, projects and others.

Although 2020 was tough, ENSGO Youth was active on all fronts. And we are not finished yet! Stay tuned for a special “New Year resolution” surprise.