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Kirsten: “I am a big fan of the Youth Olympics”

Our committee member Kirsten Hasenpusch was present at the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne as a member of the German Sport Youth (dsj) delegation. Dsj organizes an “Academy Camp” for their young volunteers at every Youth Olympics.

The Lausanne's camp program included discussions, workshops, cultural activities and visits to sports venues and competitions.

The main objectives of the camp were:

  • Personal development

  • Development of competences for their positions/volunteering in the structure of DSJ

  • Cultural and intercultural exchange

  • Mediation of Olympic values based on the Olympic idea

  • Creating new opportunities; inspire the young people and show them how to be involved/engaged more, present the options and possibilities

  • Create a network to strengthen the encouragement of engagement

So far Kirsten has been to the Youth Olympics three times. In 2016, in Lillehammer, she joined the DSJ camp as a participant. Two years later, in Buenos Aires, she led the DSJ camp as the head of the delegation.

This year she was there as a workshop facilitator, presenting the options on how volunteer engagement can be encouraged. The participants also discussed the barriers they face on their journeys as volunteers, and the solutions they and the DSJ can create.

While at YOG. Kirsten also visited team Germany in the Olympic Village, had a glimpse of the games’ education program and visited a few sport events.

“ I am a big fan of the Youth Olympics because I like the side and the NOC-mixed events– young people are getting a lot of intercultural experience there, and sport is the best tool to break down barriers, especially language-barrier.” – Kirsten