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Isaiah, Gena, Fabio & Dillon | Why is Active Citizenship of Young people important?

We asked our four Young Delegates – Isaiah, Gena, Fabio and Dillon why do they think active citizenship of young people is important, and why so many youngsters stay away from politics and their responsibilities as citizens.


“To have a voice, a say, I think it is really, really important.” - Dillon, Canada/Germany


"Youth have a very unique perspective on the World." - Gena, USA/Kosovo


“To involve young people in decision-making, and to make them more aware of their rights as citizens, is very important.” - Fabio, Portugal


“I think it is a linguistic problem. Many people don’t know how to engage in a meaningful and fruitful conversation that has to do with politics.” - Isaiah, Greece


Here's a reminder:

35 participants took part in a Young Delegates meeting which was held on 22-26 November 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. The event was supported by Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation with an aim of implementing the Council of Europe’s principles of the Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life and to further disseminate the Have Your Say! manual.