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#ILoveSportBecause – ENGSO Youth celebrating the European Week of Sport

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The European Week of Sport is an annual one-week event encouraging Europeans to #BeActive and build a healthier lifestyle. The 5th edition is being held from 23-30 September 2019.

To practice what we preach, ENGSO youth is putting its active lifestyle on display and answering a simple question “Why do you love sport?”.

JOIN US by posting a #BeActive photo, answer #ILoveSportBecause and tag three friends.


ENGSO Youth committee members and staff answer #ILoveSportBecause ...


It makes us understand each other. All around the world.

Filip Its impact on people’s lives is contagious.


It is the best way to bring people together, it’s all about teamwork and helping each other out.

Kristen It is an own language and has the power to unite people from different countries, it brings a positive attitude to your life and teaches you respect, cooperation and friendship.


It empowers young people around the globe. Sport is a fantastic way to meet and interact with other people and a space where you can grow, feel good and develop abilities you never thought you had.


Because it's something you can do in- and outside, without or with friends any time of the day. If you choose to ride your bike instead of taking a car – it's not just great for your body but also you do something small but great for the environment!


I learned to cope with wins and disappointments. I love it because it is the best mood improver. Love it because it gave me friends for life.


It is a great way to challenge ourselves, break barriers and bring people together.


It speaks a universal language and creates emotions & memories like nothing else.


Because it has the power to change the world.


I can meet people from all over the world.


It changes lives.


Simply because it makes us happy by teaching us how to cope with all kinds of emotions and feelings. And because I believe this process is contagious and connects us to other people.


What about you?