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Have Your Say in Sport follow up: ParaCoach, Young & Skillful, Dutch CP

Last year, in November 2019, ENGSO Youth, as the only youth-led European-level organisation at the nexus of sport and young people, had a privilege to organise the International Activity ‘Have a Youth Say in Sport’.

Thirty-five young leaders, including the ENGSO Youth Young Delegate Lars Cornelissen from the Netherlands, were introduced to the ‘Have Your Say!’ manual, and through participatory workshop helped its adaptation to the sporting context. This Toolkit is a result of their collaborative work.

Since November 2019, Lars has been active in various projects where he had the opportunity to share the experiences and knowledge gained through the "Have Your Say in Sport" international activity and the final product of the activity - Sport for Active Citizenship toolkit toolkit

One of the many initiatives was the Para coach project. The Para-Disability Coach Education and Learning Project (ParaCoach) is an Erasmus Plus funded project to enhance sport coaches’ learning, mobility, employment and development. The team started with a research to find the needs of trainer-coaches who train people with a disability. Based on this they identified ten topics, and are now making a theoretical eLearning framework for each topic. The initiative also includes a social media campaign; ‘the voice of the athlete’.

Lars is also participating in the project Young and Skillful. This project is about the physical literacy of children (0-12) and their fundamental motor skills. The acquisition of fundamental motor skills during childhood are the basis for developing the skills to participate in sports and leisure activities. The success of developing these skills at a young age can have a positive effect on health throughout the lifespan by increasing the participation in physical activity and therefore reducing obesity.

On 23 September 2020 (during the European weak of Sport) the team will launch a [email protected] challenge designed for children. The goal of this is to challenge them with 10 different sports and test their skills.

Besides the two projects, Lars is also a trainer of the Dutch CP team (U18). This is a national football team for people with cerebral palsy. In October they are planning to restart with a training. You can find more information about this type of football on https://www.ifcpf.com/.


Lars was one of the participants of the the Young Delegates meeting 2019 |♠ Have Your Say in Sport international activity which was supported by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.