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Erasmus+ Sport Info Day 2021 explained: From Youth for Youth. Let’s get ready!

On the 23rd and 24th of March 2021, ENGSO Youth joined the Erasmus+ Sport Info Day. During the event we were happy to hear about the political context, future programme, simplification and funding opportunities. We gained valuable advice and tips on preparing and submitting proposals, and on the financial aspects of the funding.

It’s a fact that there will be a lot of novelties with the program. Here are some highlights we would like to share:

The budgeting & lump sums

There will be different single lump sums amounts, defined by the scope and type of the project, that should correspond to the total grant.

30 000€ or 60 000€ for small scale partnerships;

120 000€, 250 000€ or 400 000€ for cooperation partnerships

200 000€, 300 000€ or 450 000€ for European sport events

List of work packages will be added

The description of the proposals within the new Erasmus+ program will be mainly through the work packages (WP). They are crucial and should be explained in detail as they include all the tasks related to the WP, the different events & meetings, the milestones of the process, as well as the deliverables of each WP.

With this, the focus is set on the results and outcomes that are presented in the application, rather than on administrative and financial elements!

Priority-vise, we are pleased and happy to see that most of the priorities of the Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027) are aligned with the values that drive the work of ENGSO Youth. One of the main specific objectives of the program is to “promote learning mobility of sport staff, as well as cooperation, quality, inclusion, creativity and innovation at the level of sport organisations and sport policies”.

Within the Erasmus+ Sport actions, the grassroots sport was presented as one of the main topics of the program.

Moreover, the main horizontal priorities of the programme are closely linked to what we are focusing on, and our priorities as ENGSO Youth:

- Inclusion and diversity,

- Digital transformation,

- Environment and fight against climate change

- Participation in democratic life

What is certain is that the new program will bring a new dynamic. Some tips from the Erasmus+ Sport Info Day are:

- Focus on understanding the new programme guide, including the new financial and application procedures;

- Brainstorm and highlight your project results and outputs (and sustainability!) rather than administrative procedures.

- Get ready, deadlines are coming soon! The first deadline for the cooperation partnerships, small-scale partnerships and European Sport Events comes already in May (20 May 2021).

We are excited to further explore and analyze the program, and ensure financing for our ongoing initiatives and achievement of our strategic plan 2023.

Hope you will do the same. Take a look at the programme guide here and calls for proposals here. And let’s create new opportunities for #Youth and #Grassrootsport together!