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ENGSO Youth statement about COP26

ENGSO Youth has a watchful eye towards the development and discussions happening at the COP26 in Glasgow. The summit, COP26, is the latest in a series of annual meetings, but this one is considered by many as the most significant yet, with a major United Nations scientific report warning that climate change is a "code red for humanity".

Among the high expectations we have for the COP26 and the outcomes, we expect that the process will also ensure:

  • Safeguarding and promoting quality and meaningful youth participation within SDG and climate change related processes, especially when developing policies, strategies and action plans to build sustainable sports.

  • Ensuring young people access to the governance processes, and opening up the doors for young people to impact the negotiations among the countries during the COP26.

Following our dedication for sustainable sports within ENGSO Youth, we have high expectations for the COP26 to agree that countries will urgently revisit and increase their 2030 targets.

The COP26 is one of the last hopes we have for clear directions and agreements for sustainable transformation of the world. Sustainability should be assured in all of the sectors, and we, within ENGSO Youth will continue to push for more sustainable sports, and a stronger involvement of young people as a resource to combat climate change.

Read more in the ENGSO Youth position paper on youth sport for climate action

Youth sport for climate action - where are we now
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