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ENGSO Youth in Ljubljana | Last committee meeting of the year

From 13-15 December 2019, ENGSO Youth committee had its last meeting of the year, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The committee members came together to evaluate the first quarter of the 2019-21 mandate, and discuss the agenda for the upcoming year.

The meeting began with Mojca Markovic, Secretary for international affairs and sport infrastructure at Sports Union of Slovenia (Športna Unija Slovenije / ŠUS) welcoming ENGSO Youth in the headquarters of ŠUS (a “house of sports” which is also known as the place where the star-brothers Goran and Zoran Dragic used to play basketball).

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to host the ENGSO Youth committee meeting in our headquarters since both organisations have a similar vision (of sport). One of Sport Union of Slovenia’s main objectives is the promotion of sport and physical activity among youth. We have been running the Wind in Your Hair (Veter v laseh) programme for over 25 years now, which with its activities and the slogan “With sport against addiction”, contributes to the bigger participation of children and youth in sport." - Mojca Markovic, Secretary for international affairs and sport infrastructure at Sports Union of Slovenia

Throughout the day, the committee members and the staff discussed several topics linked to the development of the organisation, including the recently organised Young Delegates meeting, the working groups and the progress of the projects ENGSO Youth is involved with.

In the afternoon we were joined by our long term partner EUSA, represented by Communications Officer Fabio De Dominicis, to further strengthen the relationship and discuss future collaboration. EUSA is currently also one of the partners in ENGSO Youth led SK4YS project.

Day one was concluded with our Young Delegate Špela Hus (from Slovenia) presenting her sport and project activities, and with a #BeActive walk though the “Christmassy” city centre of Ljubljana.

Second day of the meeting included discussions and the planning of the future activities and projects. 2020 will be a busy but a very exciting year for ENGSO Youth, its members and the Young Delegates, with new international projects (already) starting in January.