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ENGSO Youth chair Ugne highlights the important role NGOs play in facilitating inclusion

ENGSO Youth chair Ugne Chmeliauskaite participated in the online seminar, hosted by PRAXIS, a Greek NGO, working in the field of inclusion through sport.


PRAXIS, in collaboration with FARE network, is contributing to the antiracist movement by organising different events during the "Football People Festival" week to raise awareness on the human rights situation and how sport is contributing to the improvement of it.

Ugne took part in an online seminar 'Sport (football) for inclusion' which was streamed live to Praxis Facebook page. Around 50 people joined the session. 

As a guest speaker, Ugne highlighted the important role NGOs have in social inclusion through sports. She also shared five concrete steps that explain how ENGSO Youth is contributing to the topic.

One concrete example is the SPIDI project.

During the seminar, she introduced the upcoming SPIDI video manual which was created by "young people for young people". The manual explains simple activities and games that NGOs can use to facilitate inclusion through sport.

"My favorite part of the workshop was seeing the faces of people when they realized that it is not just "somebody" who will do the first step to use sport as a tool for inclusion, but it is them. And that you do not need to be a trainer, coach, facilitator, or have special education background to be willing to try. Of course, it helps you, but so does the education materials prepared by NGOs, such as SPIDI video manual prepared by young people“, - highlighted Ugne during the seminar.

Stay tuned; video manual is coming this week! 

See the presentation (presented by ENGSO Youth chair Ugne).


Sporting Inclusion and Diversity international activity was held in Vilnius, Lithuania, in August, and funded by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.