• ENGSO Youth

ENGSO Youth at Sport Positive Summit 2021

Our committee member Iva, who is also Doctoral Candidate and Research Associate at the Chair of Sport and Health Management, Technical University of Munich, represented #ENGSOyouth at this year's Sport Positive Summit.

She was moderating 🎙 the session, titled "Sustainability Through Grassroots Sport and Local Community Activation", that included Brita Staal, Protect Our Winters Europe, Richard Lindsay, Birmingham County FA, and Zeina Hamarsha, The FIFA Masters 21st Edition, as guest speakers.

Key takeaways of the session:

📍 Grassroots sport organisations should not shy away from looking for support when tackling climate change.

📍 Simple internet search of local organisations that can help to adivse on climate action is a good start. Those organisations can help in terms of re-organizing the operations, looking for ways to reduce travel carbon footprint, awareness-raising and educating the members or providing the role-models for youth.

📍 Young people can't address climate change by themselves, but sport orgaisations can empower them to raise their voices.

ENGSO Youth alumni Marisa Schlenker & former vice chair Nevena Vukasinovic were both participating in the summit as speakers.