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Demand more than low price: fair trade & eco-friendly sport equipment

"Living a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle has numerous advantages and benefits not only for the environment but also for the life of socially disadvantaged groups."

Csilla is one of the mentees enrolled in the mentorship programme of the project SWinG. Below she shares her opinion about the climate action, and how we and the sport sector can contribute to it.

It's very easy to get sucked into the fascinating offer of shops. But before buying a new sportswear/sports equipment, you should think consciously and ask yourself – do I truly need this? Who made these clothes/equipment? Is this price fair?

In order to reduce your ecological footprint, you should prefer buying products of companies, which create sustainable products as their manufacturing and production are environmentally and socially responsible. As consumers we have to declare – we want more than just low prices, and for this reason, we will stand up for eco-friendly and fair companies, which are not ruining our planet and human beings.

We have to recognize that not all sports items can be produced in an environmentally orientated way. In such a case, as consumers, we should prefer products of companies, which reinvest part of their revenue to eco-friendly activities. Based on my own experience, I am a big fan of running shoes made from ocean plastics, and as a horse rider, I buy equestrian equipment from a company that plants a tree for every product it sells.

Naturally, not everyone has an opportunity to buy high-quality, ecologically neutral sportswear/sports equipment. Moreover, millions of people (even in developed countries) still live without an opportunity to do sports, since they don’t have financial resources for sportswear/sports equipment.

Thousands of children cannot be professional athletes, not because they are not good enough, but because their parents cannot afford to buy them clothes/sports items. Despite this fact, professional athletes throw out their sportswear almost daily, because they get more attractive, more quality and better-branded products.

Our planet cannot rejoice in this phenomenon. For this reason, we should wear our sport-specific clothing and sports equipment as long as possible, and not be blinded by companies' marketing practices. If you buy a new outfit/sports equipment, you should donate your clothes to people, who cannot afford the pleasure of doing sports due to the lack of sports equipment/sportswear, instead of throwing them away. Maybe, thanks to your donation one kid get a chance to win a medal from the Olympic Games and break out from the misery.