• ENGSO Youth

Call for the ENGSO Youth Alumni Club

We would like to invite former ENGSO Youth committee members, staff and young delegates to join our new, professional knowledge hub - the ENGSO Youth Alumni Club.

The ENGSO Youth Alumni Club connects alumni members of ENGSO Youth.

Why ENGSO Youth Alumni Club?

To inspire the Alumni community of ENGSO Youth to feel connected to the organisation, to support and advise on the development of ENGSO Youth and to represent and share expert opinion on the ENGSO Youth working fields: Youth empowerment, Sustainability, Sport diplomacy, Health, Education&Employability, Social Inclusion by, for and through Grassroot Sports.

5 good reasons to join the Alumni Club

  • Meeting former members of ENGSO Youth.

  • Forming professional knowledge hub.

  • Facilitating the transmission of information inside ENGSO Youth network.

  • Contributing to the work of ENGSO Youth by engaging in various activities.

  • Having a place in the network connecting people from all around the world!

Your role in the Alumni Club

  • To support ENGSO Youth in reaching its strategic goals.

  • To enhance the reputation and profile of ENGSO Youth by sharing expertise within and outside of the network.

  • To stay connected with the ENGSO Youth Committee, Young delegates and Alumni Club members.

Who can join the Alumni Club?

  • Former ENGSO Youth Committee members

  • Former ENGSO Youth Young delegates

  • Former ENGSO Youth staff members (If you have been involved with ENGSO Youth for at least 1 year)

How to apply?

Fill in the application form: click here.

Please note, that after filling in the application form you will be enrolled to ENGSO Youth Alumni Club. ENGSO Youth Alumni Club meetings will be organised once per year (online or in physical means). ENGSO Youth newsletter and other possible engagement opportunities will be sent via Alumni Club contact group.