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Join us at the ENGSO Youth Assembly

From 8-10 June 2017, the ENGSO Youth Assembly will gather sports leaders, officials and youth in Paris, France. The Assembly is hosted by the CNOSF, and will take place at the HQ of Le Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français.

Alongside with the 25th ENGSO General Assembly and Elections in ENGSO Youth, you will be kindly invited to take an active part in the #ENGSOGA2017 interactive Programme, taking place on Friday 9th of June:

  • ENGSO EU Seminar

  • Case Study "Role of youth in shaping the legacy in sports": Pink Paper #EYSF2017 - Open debate Youth & Policy Makers

  • Seminar "Legacy of the Olympic Games to Grassroots Sport"

STAY WITH US, we will be regularly updating all practical details regarding the preliminary program, speakers, accommodation details and other practicalities.

  • To download the Invitation Letter, click here

  • To download the Preliminary Agenda, click here

Please if interested in attending our gathering in Paris in June, REGISTER ONLINE using our registration form.

We want YOUth

On the 10th of June 2017 the ENGSO Youth Assembly will elect a new ENGSO Youth Committee (Chair, Vice–Chair and 7 members) for the mandate of 2017 – 2019.

We encourage young people (up to the age of 35) to apply for these positions.

What is the ENGSO Youth Committee

ENGSO Youth actively works on current topics (equal opportunities, fair play, fight against discrimination and doping, healthy lifestyle, social inclusion, sustainable development, volunteering, youth employment) with its member organizations (National Sport Confederations, National Olympic Committees or international organizations), European and global institutions and partners from civil society.We are at the forefront of youth sport advocacy at European level.

All ENGSO Youth Committee members (except the ENGSO Youth Secretary with consultative status) are elected by the ENGSO Youth Assembly. No country may be represented by more than one elected member. All members of the ENGSO Youth Committee have to represent to represent their ENGSO member organisation (please check all ENGSO members here). Each gender shall be represented on the ENGSO Youth Committee by a minimum of 3 members.

The ENGSO Youth Committee is entitled to invite individuals with specific skills, to attend as required.

The member organisations have to pay the costs for travelling and accommodation of their elected persons in the Youth Committee if not covered otherwise.

Click here to download a short presentation about ENGSO Youth

Click here to download ENGSO Youth Standing Orders

How to be considered for an ENGSO Youth Committee Member nomination?

ENGSO Youth Assembly will elect a new ENGSO Youth Committee (Chair, Vice–Chair and 7 members) for the mandate of 2017 – 2019. In case you are interested in applying for a position at the ENGSO Youth Committee,

please consider points steps bellow:

  1. You need to be nominated by an ENGSO member organisation. Please check the list of ENGSO members here.

  2. In case you need a cover letter to address (ENGSO) member organisation of your choice, please write to [email protected]

  3. NOTE that support of ENGSO member organisation shall include also financial support which will cover your attendance at the meetings in the situations when they are not covered (5 meetings app per year)

  4. Submit official documentation for Nomination to [email protected] by May 20th:

  5. Nomination Form Signed&Stamped by your nominating organisation. DOWNLOAD HERE

  6. Your Curriculum Vitae

  7. Your Motivation Letter (max 500 words)

  8. Prepare prezi/ppt/video... 3 min presentation of your candidature: you will get the chance to address the Assembly on the morning of Jun 10th in Paris.


Find out how here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I attend ENGSO Event in Paris even if I am not going to candidate for Committee?

YES. We are strongly encouraging all interested youth and professionals to register online and take an active part in the diverse seminar topics.

If I am attending as a nominee for the committee when is the deadline for registration?

May 20th

If I am attending as participant when is the deadline for registration?

May 25th

Any follow- up to the Pink Paper and EYSF2017? YES. Youth and Policy Makers debate is planed for June 9th. Keep up to date with Programme.

ACCOMMODATION in Paris- is there any recommended by organizers?

YES. In the confirmation mail you will receive the practical details. Keep in mind that in the prebooked hotel places are limited though, feel free to look for your accommodation option.

Can I arrange an accommodation on my own?

YES. If you have a friend in Paris feel free to give him/her a call. We will also try to provide some sleep-over at our friends' places, contact us via mail. (limited number)

Who is responsible to cover expenses of my participation?

This is not a funded event. Eventual expenses (travel, accommodation, meals) are up to you/your organisation/university.

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