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7 tips to look after your mental health during the corona pandemic

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We all know the drill: wash your hands, don’t touch your face, distant and isolate yourself.

Sounds simple? Maybe.

Until we realise that social distancing means limiting our freedom to move on dozens of square meters of our apartment. Until we figure out spending time with our friends is forbidden and daily thoughts start and end with “How many new cases?”.

Right now majority of young people feel afraid and anxious.

For all of us, the current situation is new and therefore scary. Having dark thoughts is a reasonable consequence of daily news and regulations circulating our planet (at the moment).

While solidarity to other people is crucial to stop the Covid19 pandemic, compassion with yourself is essential to keep your mental health in check.

#BeActive right now means doing everything that makes you feel a bit better while staying (isolated) at home.

Here’s what to do to ease off the pressure of current happenings:

1. Facetime a friend & talk, talk, talk.

We all need conversations right now. And we have lots of time to do it.

2. Start your day by being active

Most of the fitness exercises can be scaled to “fit the living room”.

3. Dance!

Advised by our chair Ugne, turn up the music and lose yourself in the music.

4. Declutter your home

We can’t say we have excuses for not having time now. Cleaning is a good way to #BeActive.

5. Start a project

Most of the successful people developed their best ideas while going through hardship. Maybe this could be a great time to design your first Erasmus+ sport project.

6. Exercise mindfulness

Maybe now it is a good time to learn meditation and start practicing yoga.

7. Rest

Most of the young people don’t realise recovery is part of training. Let’s face it; our lifestyles were fast and furious, and taking time to rest (also from work) is exactly what we need right now.

TELL US; what would be your advice?

What are you doing to keep yourself #BeActive while staying at home?