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On to the ENGSO Youth strategy 2020-2023; handover meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

From 14-15 July 2019, the former and the new ENGSO Youth committee met at the handover meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The meeting was hosted by ENGSO Youth’s new chair Ugnė Chmeliauskaitė at Lithuania’s Department of Physical Education and Sports.

The aim of the meeting was to determine the first steps of the new committee of the 2019-2021 mandate, which started with a new working plan for the upcoming mandate in accordance with the ENGSO Youth strategy 2020-2023 (its development was first initiated by the previous committee).

The former 2017-19 committee members passed on their valuable feedback which now serves as a powerful lesson for the future improvement of the organisation.

ENGSO Youth will keep working on the priority topics such as Health, Social Inclusion, Employment and Education, Sustainable development and Sport Diplomacy.

Meet the members

Every ENGSO Youth meeting includes active team building activities, and the handover meeting in Vilnius was no exception. The members got to know each other, and their strengths, through rowing and stand up paddling on the river.

ENGSO Youth walks the talk; we do not only promote sports, all members are actively and regularly engaged in various sport activities.


The meeting was a great opportunity to form a common vision and set goals for the mandate of 2019-21.

Next ENGSO Youth meeting will take place in October, hosted by ENGSO member organization - OPES - in Rome, Italy.