• ENGSO Youth

Giving youth a real say at Winter Universiade 2019, at the invitation of UNESCO

Krasnoyarsk, 2 March 2019 - At the invitation of UNESCO, ENGSO Youth committee member Filipa Godinho took part at the informal meeting of the sport ministers, all members of UNESCO, called Empower Youth through sport.

The meeting was held in Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation, on the occasion of the 2019 FISU Winter Universiade.

Filipa actively participated in the discussion, representing youngsters in sport and the work of ENGSO Youth with a main theme of “Giving youth a real say in sport”. She addressed the participants with questions on topics of the investment into youth leadership and the necessity to start raising and developing the next generation of sport decision-makers.

The presentation was built around the idea of working together; uniting youth with more experienced, older generation in order to prepare the grounds for the next generations of leaders.

Filipa highlighted the development of her career in the Portuguese Sport Confederation in which the older generation saw youth participation as an opportunity to develop the organization; understand the importance of involving youngsters, include their fresh ideas and design the future agendas shoulder-to-shoulder.

Representing ENGSO Youth, Filipa called on joint engagement and measurable, meaningful youth participation:

  • Including the voice of youth on the executive boards across federations and cities;

  • Rely on youth active engagement in decision-making processes;

  • Show that young people often struggle to have their work recognized, to be empowered to be placed forward.

She highlighted the Kazan Action Plan and its recommendations on empowering and engaging young people.

Last but not least, she raised the spotlight on the sport volunteering and the thousands of #Krasnoyarsk2019 volunteers empowering each other through sport.


Filipa is the youngest female executive board member of Portuguese Sport Confederation. At 24 she was the President of the Portuguese University Sport Federation, to date the only woman with this role in the before-mentioned organization.

ENGSO Youth would like to thank UNESCO Youth and Sport representatives and the Russian Federation for the invitation and the opportunity to present our work and vision to guarantee all youth have a say and a place in sport.