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“Good vibes only” already at the first ComeIn training course

Newquay, February 1-5 – Hosted by SPARC, first ComeIn training course took place in Newquay, UK from 1-5 February 2019.

Come In, shorter for Creating Opportunity for Sport Members at grassroots level to Enable Inclusion, has been designed with an idea of increasing participation of young people with disabilities in sports.

The project which includes four partners - OPES, SPARC, Anestaps and ENGSO Youth, also established collaboration with Special Olympics Europe/Euroasia (SOEE). SOEE’s Youth Engagement Manager Tobias Staebler was a special guest at the first training course, along with four participants from Special Olympics GB and Italy.

After the initial welcome, Special Olympics presented their values and ideas, with a focus on Unified Sports. Day one also included the practical part – a visit to the tennis facilities where ComeIn participants joined the local club and its coach Andrea, and embrace the opportunity to experience the wheelchair tennis and learn the methods used to train children with mental disabilities. They also had a chance to meet and play tennis with children from the Newquay Tennis Club.

The training course continued with the presentations from France, Great Britain and Italy which showed the good practises the organisations use, related to events, projects, activities and initiatives for the people with disabilities to be more included in their local sports’ societies.

Day three started with a theoretical session about the main principles on how to make sports activities more inclusive. Ideas and good practices on simplifying the rules, equipment used and experiences from the field were presented.

The participants also had a chance to design their own pilot sport activities and adjust them for specific target groups – according to physical or mental disability. Those same ideas were implemented the day after, at the Cornwall College.

ENGSO Youth would like to thank everyone involved. The next training course will take place in May and will be hosted by OPES in Rome, Italy.

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