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ENGSO Youth at the Erasmus+ Sport Info day

Brussels, February 5 - Building on five years of tradition, the 6th Erasmus+ Sport Info day took place in Brussels on 5 February, organized by the European Commission’s Sport Unit and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

This time of the year various European Sport stakeholders gather in the EU’s capital to receive first-hand information on sport funding opportunities, plan joint initiatives and to strengthen their international network.

As usual, ENGSO Youth was represented in the event in big numbers. The network of our young delegates is particularly active in European sport-based cooperation which can be best demonstrated by the variety of projects they engage to: skills development through sport, social inclusion of refugees through sport and gender equality are all trending topics in our network.

The 2019 Info day was opened by EU Commissioner Tibor Navracsics with his speech evolving around the last years’ achievements, the future of the Erasmus+ programme and the sport funding in particular.

According to Navracsics, the sport based mobility is gaining more and more momentum, while in the coming years there will be better opportunities for cooperation with sport organizations based outside the EU and Europe. It shall be noted that the soon to be replaced Commissioner had a considerable role in securing funding for European youth and sport organisations and defending the successor of the Erasmus+ programme amid increasing economic pressure and prospective budgetary cuts occurring as a result of Brexit. Not to forget, the funding for sport-based cooperation within the frameworks of Erasmus+ Sport is increasing also this year reaching record levels of 48.6 million euro.

ENGSO Youth is facing a busy year.

Our organization is a partner in three big collaborative partnerships to be kicked-off in 2019 and we coordinate the Skills for You(th) through Sport (SK4YS) project aiming to promote soft skills development for disadvantaged young people all over Europe.

If it would not be enough, we’ll also organize a youth exchange and a young delegate meeting in the coming months. We are grateful for the opportunities involved in the Sport and Youth chapters of the Erasmus+ programme and we truly support the endeavours of Mr Navracsics and the European Commission’s Sport Unit.

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