• ENGSO Youth


Moving forward from the project SEDY, ENGSO Youth started it's new European project:

Come In - Creating Opportunity for sport Members at grassroots level to Enable Inclusion, as a partner with the intention of continuing fostering inclusive sports programmes for young people with disabilities and young people without.

The project is lead by OPES, the Italian member of ENGSO, and involve 3 more partners: ENGSO Youth, ANESTAPS from France and SPARC form the UK and is funded by Erasmus+ sports chapter of the European Union.


The project wants to create training opportunities for coaches, educators, volunteers, youth workers and leaders in sports field at grassroots level to create integrated, unified and inclusive sports programme with the aim to increase participation of young people with disabilities in sports.

Main objectives of the project are:

  • Build the capacity of local sports clubs/organization in offering adapted and integrated sports sessions for young people with disability and without disability

  • Design, test and implement a training format for sports trainers, mentors and coaches using existing toolkit to help the organizations to increase the number of young people with disability to be included at grassroots level.

Come In is based on the belief that an increased participation in sport activities will benefit disabled young people thanks to the positive contribution of sport to the social, emotional and physical development of young people with disabilities.

The main aim of our project is to test and experiment concretely a programme for sport trainers, mentors and coaches to adapt and create more sport opportunity for young people with disability at grassroots level.

The project:

COME In will be implemented through the following activities:

  • The first part of a training course for sport trainers, mentors and coaches involving 24 participants to be held in UK in February 2019

  • National pilot activities implemented by the participants in the training course in 3 countries (Italy, UK and France) between February 2019 and May 2019

  • Second and final part of a training course for sport trainers, mentors and coaches: feedbacks collected after the local activities will be used to finalize the product and to proceed with the last part of the training phase to be held in Italy on May 2019.

  • A final conference, organized in France, in October 2019 will allow for presenting the project results, raising awareness in the project’s outcomes.

What do we expect?

The project COME In aims, in particular, to develop a toolkit to increase participation of young people with disability in sports. The toolkit will be an accessible educational tool with guidelines to open access to disabled people within sport programme.

ENGSO Youth will actively contribute in disseminating the project results and promote the manual in its wide networks all around Europe, and in particular, will be in charge of the online campaign that will contribute to actively disseminate information on the project and the outcomes and results.

Responsible for the project for ENGSO Youth will be Sara Massini and Ugne Chmeliauskaitė from the Committee Members.

The project will also be the occasion to foster the cooperation with Special Olympics Europe-Eurasia, in fact, according to the MoU signed by our two organizations ENGSO Youth will include in all its project group of team leaders of Special Olympics composed by the Athlete and the partner.

Stay with us to discover more about the project! ;)