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ENGSO Youth at the EA Young Leaders Forum 2018 ( video HERE )

The last edition of the European Athletics Young Leaders Forum was held on the occasion of the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships.

Every two years the Community’s focus turns to this unique forum, which aims to use modern communications and social media tools to encourage volunteering and grassroots projects that promote athletics and help to prepare the sport’s next generation of leaders. A total of 68 young leaders from 44 European countries were represented in this event featuring a wide variety of topics, from anti- doping to youth advocacy.

Similarly to 2016, following the invitation of the Athletics Community, ENGSO Youth was represented at the 4-days forum. A delegation composed of Bence Garamvölgyi (committee member) Isaiah Kioiloglou (young delegate) and Nenad Ilic (young delegate) visited Berlin in order to contribute to the educational program of the event. Besides taking part in plenary sessions, the ENGSO Youth team was responsible for delivering workshops on sport diplomacy for participants from European Athletics Member Federations. The workshops featured theoretic presentations during which the young leaders could get acquainted with the recent rise of sport’s utilization in public diplomacy. Following theory, more practical exercises were delivered aiming at the utilization of grassroots sport activities for mutual dialogue and intercultural understanding.

As one of the key sessions of the last day, an equity panel was organised with the participation of Esther Fittko, former chair of the German Athletics Federation. ENGSO Youth was represented in the panel with a gender-equal squad involving Isaiah and Bence. The discussion formed around equality issues within the field of athletics and sport in general. Despite of the last decade’s achievements in pursuing gender and youth equality in European sports leadership there are still many obstacles that hinder young motivated female professionals to advance in their careers. ENGSO and ENGSO youth was introduced as good example that strives for female and youth equality at different levels of sports leadership.

Thank You European Athletics and Athletics Community for the invitation! Keep up the good work!

Video made by: Nenad Ilic Article: Bence Garamvölgyi