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European Youth Event - ENGSO Youth Family gathering

European Youth Event - with our young delegate, Sandra Zwick's eye

On the 31st of May most of the participants started their journey to the long-awaited EYE 2018, which would be the largest gathering of ENGSO Youth this year – the chance to meet the new committee, new and old delegates and take part in this amazing event in the beautiful French city Strasbourg.

On this day we finished our accreditation at the venue (European Parliament), which didn’t take as long as we expected, so that we had the time to take our first walk from the parliament to the city center, where our accommodation was located. In the evening we had a little introduction round, while getting to know each other and sipping on some belgian beer.

On the morning of the next day some of us had to finish their accreditation, while the others prepared for the Yoga Workshop - an ENGSO Youth tradition- which our delegate Ioana Hudita from Romania held. Some of the delegates took part in it, while the others took part in the one on the next day.

We also did some energizers to keep the motivation for our following workshop up – the workshop was related to Sports and its connection to the SDG’s. As our team was large enough, so that each member could

represent one SDG, everyone participated eagerly. The method we used to conduct our workshop is the so-called living library, which lead to a lot of youth participating and exchanging ideas.

In the afternoon everyone attended their chosen programmes and enjoyed their time in the parliament, even though the queues were quite a bother.

Later in the evening, we all met up at one accommodation to do some reflection rounds and get to know the members, who arrived last. It was a nice evening and the group grew closer together.

As we are a sportive group, we walked to the parliament again and took part in the booked activities on the following morning, while in the afternoon our panel discussion about the legacy of mega sport events took place. Even though the time was quite limited and some technical issues arose, our moderator Nevena Vukasinovic and committee member Bence Garamvölgyi managed everything well, so that the participants got a good impression about the controversies regarding that topic and the related sustainable movements and actions, which different actors in the sport sector are suggesting and already implementing. Some of the audience even asked questions and listened observantly. The experts on the panel were partly from ENGSO Youth and partly from external organizations, working together with us. Altogether, I would say it was a success, where everyone made the best out of it and supported each other.

On the final evening we shared our experiences and discussed how we can improve ourselves and what we did well. In general, the feedback was very positive and everyone was already looking forward to the next event with ENGSO Youth, which will hopefully take place soon.

Thank you ENGSO Youth Team for organizing everything, I and I suppose the other delegates too, had a good time and we all were able to make our Organization and its values more known in Europe!