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Since its foundation in 2003, the ENGSO Youth is shaped by the great engagement of the ENGSO Youth Committee members, Secretariat and Young Delegates. It’s due to their contributions and inputs that ENGSO Youth developed towards a recognized European NGO in the field of youth, education and sport.

During the last years the high involvement of the Serbian Olympic Committee sustained a general secretariat for ENGSO Youth.

Throughout their support regarding finances, work material and network, ENGSO Youth was able to contribute to the above-mentioned topics on a European level.

At the last ENGSO Youth Assembly, the Serbian Olympic Committee widens their voluntarily engagement in ENGSO Youth, and therefore have prepared a smooth handover of the ENGSO Youth secretariat to another country.

It was decided that the Hungarian member of ENGSO, the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation (HCSF) will take up the task of hosting the ENGSO Youth Secretariat.

Michael Leyendecker, Chair of ENGSO Youth shared some insights with us behind this decision:

“ENGSO Youth decided to move the Secretariat to the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation, as they presented a very detailed and future oriented concept to us. The values and topics, like participation of young people, growing together of Europe through sports, diversity and new topics like e-sports are mutual in this cooperation. I would also like to thank the former host federation, the National Olympic Committee of Serbia for handing over the Secretariat in an exemplary way.”

Mr Đorđe Višacki, General Secretary of Olympic Committee of Serbia and EOC Executive Board Member continues:

„We are appreciating the honor that German Youth Sport and ENGSO Youth gave us back in 2014 by entrusting us to take over ENGSO Youth Secretariat. It has been a great, fruitful and special journey hosting the ENGSO Youth Secretariat and having Serbia supporting committee as a General Secretary. It is already 16 years that Serbia is actively involved within ENGSO. Throughout diverse mandates we have always aimed on giving our best – ideas, skills and our people – contributing devotedly to the mission of securing better position of European sport and beyond. We, at the NOC of Serbia were always caring a significant responsibility to continue where Mr Predrag Manojlovic brought us with his enormous dedication.

Nowadays, we are more than proud with the vision Mrs Nevena Vukašinović has continued and developed further in her committed, inspiring and restless work. We share the feeling that Nevena has contributed significantly into bringing ENGSO to another level.

I am confident that now the Team of Hungary will continue this path with a success. “

Mr Višacki supports the decision of his Team to move NOC of Serbia’s representation and focus to the ENGSO Youth Boards’ activities, welcoming shift of Mrs Nevena Vukašinović from a General Secretary to being a Vice-Chair of the committee:

„Olympic Committee of Serbia will go towards activating further its participation in sport policies and practices’ development across Europe, and instead of leading administrative roles by hosting Youth Secretariat, we would concentrate more on leading roles within ENGSO’s respective committees and working groups.“

Mr Zoltán Bóné, General Secretary of HCSF gave us his thoughts on why his organisation was willing to take up this role:

“Having a close relationship with ENGSO and ENGSO Youth is important for us for multiple reasons. On one hand, with this strong bond we would like to help position Hungarian sport on the international stage, on the other hand, we stand for European values and we aim to support common development, whether it is about growing the most developed competitive sports or grassroots sports.”

ENGSO Youth new secretariat, Dora Farago, Budapest, HCSF

Bence Garamvölgyi, ENGSO Youth Committee Member from Hungary, was our "middle man", who provided significant support in reaching out our members and further mediated the transition process. The new ENGSO Youth Home became operational in January, and a former ENGSO Youth Young Delegate, Dóra Faragó took the position of Operations Manager of ENGSO Youth.

Mr Bóné shared with us further his first impressions on the new office:

“In the past few weeks I had the opportunity to get to know Dóra Faragó better, who is not only the operations manager of ENGSO Youth, but supports our international work as well. Getting to know her ensured me that she was the right choice for the position. She is very enthusiastic; she has good organisational and communication skills and a great personality. She is a very good asset to our organisation. So far, our co-work with ENGSO Youth goes smoothly, we support each other’s work and we gladly work together towards common goals.”

Nevena Vukasinovic, Serbia, General Secretary, Olympic Committee of Serbia

During our first committee meeting of 2018 hosted by HCSF in Budapest, we have discussed with Dora about her first impressions and ideas towards the activation of youth in and through sports.

Why ENGSO Youth?

DF: I heard about Engso Youth in 2015 since when I wanted to join this inspiring community. I became Engso Youth's Young Delegate in 2016 since when I started to fall in love more and more with this organization.

When I got the request to work for them, it was no question for me what to answer. I believe in the same values as the organization and I’m very happy now that I can also contribute for its purpose and success.

What do you find as most exciting within your new team and office?

DF: I find it very exciting and challenging to work in an international context where I’m surrounded with kind of persons you can always look up to, not to mention Mr. Zoltán Bóné who means a real Leader to me. I’m happy to say that because we all know what’s the difference between having a boss or a leader. I’m glad to learn from and to work with such personalities.

What is your vision for the active youth sport times to come?

DF: I think doing sports is not just about competing or being healthy for today’s youth. We use it as an international language to make connections all around the world and use it as a vehicle to promote different kind of values what are important for our community, environment and future.

At ENGSO Youth, we are very pleased that the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation, after being elected as a member at ENGSO’s General Assembly only in 2017, already took such a task, and set a great example of supporting youth sport in Europe. Welcome Budapest! We are wishing to our General Secretary, Mrs Nevena Vukašinović all the best in her future professional career. In addition, let us warmly thank Belgrade and the Olympic Committee of Serbia for their dedication and support in hosting the ENGSO Youth Secretariat over the last four years.

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