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What about physical activity...every day?

During the 2011-2012 school year, a comprehensive survey was carried out in Hungary, on the health status of school-age children. The survey concluded that the results obtained are far below the European average for health. These findings spurred the introduction of five hours per week of physical education in the Hungarian school curriculum. Students were ‘obliged’ to perform physical activity daily, but has the intervention lived up to expectations and produced results? In order to find out the truth a trial on the health developments in prevention of minor's loco-motor problems were held.

Our research therefore aimed to answer this question and to measure the impact of the new physical education classes on 10-14 year old students in terms of physical activity, health awareness and prevention of certain musculoskeletal disorders.

During the tests in Hungary

Major conclusions about the success of the intervention can only be drawn after longitudinal study, but initial results could already provide some useful data to guide the continuing implementation of the program.

The same tests, measurements and questionnaires were administered in Budapest, Hungary as well as Cluj, Romania as a comparison group, where the number of hours of physical education is only 1 or 2 per week.

We analyzed these results to see whether the new method has reached the desired effect and if so, will other countries be interested in adopting similar initiatives?

The results what we got, demonstrated changes - we got positive feedback from the tests of the postural deformities, balance test and the results of the Active Straight Leg Raise test (FMS) was significant.

“Physical activity - Every day” was a working method already 5 years ago and if you did not manage to get ready for it then, maybe it is time now?