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You get when you give – perfect example of sports!

I have first-hand experience about the importance of different charity movements and these experiences are from the both sides – getting and giving. I clearly remember when I was a young child and after a football match professional players gave our team some football balls and were ready to sign them and leave as many autographs for us as we wanted. These kind of things remain in a memory for long time - sometimes for a whole career and speaking from my experience it has huge effect for youth.

Lódi Tamás from the National Futsal team and I (~2001)

Idea of charity in sports led me to be in the organizing team of the fourth edition of the Tusványosi Finalé, which is a main football championship of the Hungarian university students of the Carpathian-basin. This tournament is special for all the sport lovers: Team registration “fee” for the tournament is football balls. They are collected and given to schools. Moreover, we organize the championships for schools including more than 250 students.

Some people might say that sports equipment is only an “equipment”, but the truth is that for somebody can be a real “treasure”!

I believe in the power of charity movements as step ahead for some young people to reach their goals. Why not to be there and support them?

Better giving, than receiving! Find out more about this charity tournament here: https://www.facebook.com/tusvanyosifinale/

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