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Carrying a dream

July 1992, a particularly hot morning. My parents get into my room and force me to go to the balcony. My siblings are already there. From the balcony, I can see many people at the both sides of the street. I am a bit confused, trying to figure out what we are waiting for, when suddenly, everybody begins to scream and clap. A young guy dressed in white appears at the end of the street, running with a torch in his hand. My sister explains me that this is the Olympic Torch on its way to Barcelona, coming from Greece and the relay will travel all over the country. I will never know who the torchbearer was, actually, I don’t even remember his face, I only have the memory of what I felt when I saw him passing by.

For a 7 years old child, an event like this is a lifetime experience. Without a doubt, I became an olympic fan that day. I consider that my passion for sport and Olympism began that day. That guy in white was my inspiration, I wanted to be him, and for this reason, when I had the opportunity to apply for carrying the Olympic Flame I didn’t hesitate, I filled the form and crossed my fingers.

A few weeks later, I received the confirmation from the Hellenic Olympic Committee. They confirmed me as a torchbearer in Athens, close to Syntagma Square, the heart of the city.

Taking part in the Olympic Relay is unforgettable, but doing it in Athens is something unique and really hard to beat. I run with the torch in the last section before arriving Panathinaiko Stadium, where the handover ceremony took place. After this amazing and emotional ceremony, dozens of kids came to me asking for a picture with the torch.

Their happy faces and the glint in their eyes while they were holding the torch is something I could not forget in my entire life. I want to believe that maybe, that picture with the PyeongChang Olympic Torch can mean the beginning of a true love relationship with Sport and Olympism, as it has happened to be for a spanish kid 25 years ago

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Roberto Sojo,

International Olympic Academy's Masters Graduate and Alumni

Young Delegate of the ENGSO Youth

Olympic Torch Bearer, Athens 2017

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