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On 5 October 2017 in Lausanne ENGSO Youth was the only youth-led organisation to join more than 130 representatives of the international organisations, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), international sports federations (IFs), United Nations' agencies and civil society gathered to discuss strategies and possible forms of collaboration towards the Sustainable Development Goals' implementation through sport. Report and live streaming could be find here

The importance of sport in society was officially reaffirmed when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015. Sport is recognized as an "important partner" and as such the need to fully integrate sustainability across the IOC's and Olympic Movement activities and agendas is emerging. This is an important direction but still at its very begining, since the IOC's sustainable development strategy was adopted in March 2017. It is thus important that these opportunities for exchange be used as a platform for work, skills development and partnerships specific to the sport and sustainable development strategy. “The IOC's sustainability strategy will form the basis for defining working practices in the IOC, at the Olympic Games and within the Olympic Movement” says IOC President Mr Thomas Bach.

With regard to the UN and its specialized agencies, work is being carried out on the ground on a daily basis to develop policies and programmes that include sports in thematic areas such as poverty, health, well-being, education, gender equality, non-discrimination, economic growth, decent work, housing and cities, and biodiversity in a context of harmonious and sustainable development.

The Lausanne event "Achieving SDGs through Sport: partnerships and institutional responses for greater coherence and effectiveness" brought together numerous international sports organisations of all sizes, sports and humanitarian NGOs, as well as the international organisations and agencies of the UN system. With the help of the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva and the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology (AISTS), work was done to:

  • Improve the coherence and effectiveness of collaborative action

  • Strengthen knowledge of the different partnerships within the United Nations system, the IOC, IFs, and other relevant actors and their respective activities in this regard

  • Provide resources, practical tools and information to better achieve common goals

  • Encourage the creation of new partnerships

In addition, ENGSO Youth has witnessed strong commitment of the sector towards the gathering and further unifying strengths around coordinating entity that will meet the needs of the SDP stakeholders, especially nowadays in the post - UNOSDP office era. What is to come afterwards? Solution-frame was represented under this occasion and seems so far backed by all the sides: IOC, UN agencies, international federations both in sports and in development.

ENGSO Youth has intervened by introducing its SDGs workshop programme "Road to 2030: sport for all 17" in the plenary, as well as Pink Paper's findings and has received positive feedbacks, while new avenues for cooperation have opened-up.

SGDs IOC UN SDP cooperation

We have also received an honor to announce the establishment of the Task Force on Sport for Employability and Skills Development of the Young People. The Task Force is consisted of International Labor Organisation, UNESCO, International School Sport Federation and ENGSO Youth with further interest to involve FISU, UNHCR, UNICEF and beyond in-the-field partners with special focus on the academic and business active actors. The Task Force will serve also as one of our follow-ups to the "Study on the Contribution of Sport to the Employability of the Young People in the Context of the Europe 2020 Strategy", coordinated by University of Brussels Vrije and European Commission, which findings were announced during the European Week of Sport 2017. The new cluster was kicked-off aiming to enhance policy coherence across education, skills, employment through sports and invites field's experts in to team-up.


If interested, please contact: [email protected] for more information.

Event held in Lausanne was part of a process initiated three years ago by the cantons of Geneva and Vaud, brought together under the aegis of the Métropole lémanique agreement and the Swiss Confederation. It aims to develop synergies between the various international players in the Lake Geneva region. The unique concentration of key players in the fields of international cooperation, sport and sustainable development provides genuine major potential for reflection and joint work on the societal issues of our time.

We are looking very much forward to see how further on strengths and actions of the youth will be incorporated within the SDP movement.

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