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Where it all begins: New Young Delegates' force

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ENGSO Youth Young Delegates Network gathers youth sport leaders. We have selected the new generation.

This summer of 2017, ENGSO Youth became stronger for 50 Young Delegates selected to serve as the next generation of youth sport leaders in Europe. Congratulation to the youth! Young professionals, volunteers, athletes and coaches will join their forces together with the ENGSO Youth committee in Voicing the Youth in Sports. ENGSO Youth team is extremely proud to found ourselves among youth coming from very diverse backgrounds and leading stakeholders such as FISU, European Athletics, UNESCO, OSCE, Paralympics, International School Sport Federation, ISCA, from Europe-wide ministries and olympic committees and federations, as well as from number of leading universities and institutes. Our youth lead is coming not exclusively from sports - we have selected also experts from ngos, youth and private sectors, passionate to bring their skills in the field. Young Delegates are experts from different European countries (23!), of both genders, aged between 18 and 35. They have expertise in various sport-related fields, such as health, sport accessibility, human rights, social inclusion, volunteering, fight against doping, fair play, sustainable development, communication, the Olympic movement, etc. They are volunteers.

engso youth, europe, youth, leaders, young delegates network

The purpose of the Youth Delegates Database is to develop an expert network of young Europeans who can support the youth interest among sports policies and agendas; to strenghten network of those who can actively engage and interact with our members, partners like European Youth Forum and Eurochild, and other political, youth and international structures and topics.

Our organisation relies on the Delegates in supporting its strategy-building and advocacy work; in helping out its working groups and in representing it at national and international events. ENGSO Youth is constantly developing the Young Delegates Database concept, and with over the 10 years practice in successfully strengthening youth voice in sports. New youth force is ready to make cooperACTION. ENGSO Youth game changers, welcome on board!

August, 2017.