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#EYSF2017 & the healthy lifestyle challenge

Day two of the European Youth Sport Forum had a very active start in the morning. The participants rocked the plenary room with Piloxing (a cardio fusion of pilates, boxing and dance) and Zumba. After the sport activities it was time for the outcomes of day one and the presentation of the keynote speakers on healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Simone Digennaro raised the question to the participants how obesity is still increasing despite all the programmes and projects that are running to decrease obesity and overweight. He stated that our environment changed: “Its easer to move by a car in most cities instead of using your body. We have to create conditions to have people more active. Wrong policy leads to wrong habits so we have to reshape the political agenda.” Digennaro even argued that we should have a cultural revolution on fighting obesity through physical activity: “Active movement should be a right. We need to use our bodies!”

After dr. Digennaro’s presentation, Dr. Gauci took the floor with a presentation about nutrition and its impact on public health. Nutrition, obesity and overweight go hand in hand, only 5% of obesity is genetic so the other 95% is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Dr. Gauci on the relation between obesity and nutrition: “We are living in obesogenic environment. Cheap and unhealthy food is everywhere. The role of the nutrition industry is doubtful as their marketing campaigns influence children to eat unhealthy snacks and beverages.”

After the presentations it was time for the participants to discuss all the food for thought in the working groups. The outcomes of these working groups will be used for the recommendations in the Pink Paper.

In the afternoon a visit was paid to the National Pool Complex of Malta. This impressive complex was just officially opened last week. The participants challenged each other in the pool by playing canoe polo and water polo. Besides the water activities, there was also a wheelchair dancing workshop as social inclusion is one of the main topics.

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