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An unforgettable journey

Thursday the 15th of September - the journey started in Sassari on Sardinia. Here I attended Engso Youth seminar about: "Sport Unified: how sport is a tool for inclusion of diversity".

Because of no experience in this area, I walked into the week with an open mind, and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this well organised seminar.

The first day, there was a “welcome to the seminar” session, and we also got the chance to know each other. The second day the program started with teambuilding and continuing getting to know each other. We also learned to show our own name with sign language!

During the week we heard some presentations about good practice from both the SEDY project and from the other participants.

Saturday we tried to be a part of physical activity and during that, we talked about making it more inclusive for everybody. We also tried sitting volleyball to feel how it is, then our competitive mindsets were on!!!

We have two deaf participants (Maichol and Julia) with translators. During the hole week they translated to sign language – except for when we were during sport, because here “Sport was our common language”, and it was a big experience to see that happen in real life – an experience I will never forget! Julia also mentioned “Not about us – without us!” and I totally agree that if we want to make changes, we have to include all in the process.

The last two days we started the process of making a toolkit – and it was here the great discussion started and where I learned most during the hole week. The discussions opened up for very good points, which we used in the making of the toolkit.

As I started: I went to this seminar with an open mind, because of my limited knowledge about this area, but I came out with a lot of knowledge and many new friends – and for sure we will keep in touch – it was a pleasure during the whole week, and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this area - #INCLUSION

Mikkel Hansen, oung Leaders Community, European Athletics

Mikkel Hansen Young Leaders Community, European Athletics

Participant at"Sport Unified: how sport is a tool for inclusion of diversity"seminar

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