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Youth #BeActive at COMEM

#beactive COMEM

All three amendments successfully were introduced by ENGSO Youth at ‪#COMEM‬ held last weekend in Brussels.The European Youth Forum, during its Council of Members which took place in Brussels this weekend, adopted a resolution on youth autonomy and inclusion, which calls for all young people’s social and economic rights to be realised as well as new policy paper on equality and non-discrimination which, in a series of recommendations calls for an end to the discrimination of young people based on age and also a variety of other factors.

ENGSO Youth amendments are included in both documents, introduced in order to recognise the responsibility of sport actors in promoting (gender) equality and making sport environment accessible for all. ENGSO Youth in cooperation with European Youth Forum and its members have initiated and delivered a #BeActive breaks, reminding all on importance of healthy and active lifestyle. No matter where you are, you can always be active.