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CALL for new ENGSO Youth Assembly members for 2015/2017

Election of new ENGSO Youth Committee members

With great honor and kind regards you are warmly invited by ENGSO Youth to take part in the General Assembly, EU Seminar and Youth Seminar that will be organised in Lisbon, Portugal on April 29-30, 2015. Agenda is enclosed and Interested participants can register online. NOMINATE YOUR CANDIDATE FOR ENGSO YOUTH COMMITTEE: On the 30th April 2015 the ENGSO Youth Assembly will elect a new ENGSO Youth Committee (Chair, Vice–Chair and 7 members) for the mandate 2015 – 2017. During this important meeting we will reward one young volunteer in recognition of his/her involvement in sport in Europe. We ask you to spread this information within your organisation to find appropriate youth candidates and put them forward.


ENGSO Youth Assembly from 28th – 30th April in Lisbon, Portugal

Election of new ENGSO Youth Committee Members, candidates wanted!

The search for appropriate candidates has begun and we appeal to you to encourage and support young people (up to 35 years old) from your organization to put themselves forward for election. The requirements for candidates are outlined in the attached documents (please read and disseminate to your members) along with the nomination form and registration form for participants of the ENGSO Youth General Assembly. The Youth Assembly will, besides the elections, discuss the future work program, approve the budget 2015/2016 and adapt the standing orders.

Succeessful nomination shall include:

  1. Nomination Form duly signed by ENGSO's member organisation (ENCLOSED)

  2. Motivation later (maximum 1 page)

  3. Curriculum Vitae

Please register online and send your nominations as PDF-document by the very latest on 30th of March 2015 via Email to ENGSO Youth´s office: Email: [email protected] For all additional information you may need, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the ENGSO Youth Secretary General, Nevena Vukasinovic [email protected].

Any questions you might have, please do not hesitate to write/call our office: +381 (11) 3671574

Participants shall plan their arrival preferably before 17:00 on Tuesday, 28th of April and departure after 12:00 on Friday, 1st of May 2015.

The ENGSO Youth Best Volunteer Award 2015– call for applications

Outstanding volunteer

ENGSO Youth will be hosting its Youth Assembly from 28th to 30th April 2015 in Lisbon.

During this important meeting we will reward one young volunteer in recognition of his/her involvement in sport in Europe.

We ask you to spread this information within your organisation to find appropriate candidates for the ENGSO Youth Best Volunteer Award 2015 and put them forward.

Who is eligible* to be nominated?

  • Be 18-35 years of age

  • Be a volunteer within one ENGSO Youths member organization and/or be an ENGSO Youth Young Delegate

  • Have a minimum of 2 years of volunteer involvement at local, national or European levels

  • Either be involved in European matters or show interest in European sport issues

  • Be self-motivated

  • Speak English

  • Reflect and/or put into practice ideals of social inclusion, promote a healthy lifestyle and youth involvement in sport

*Committee members and ex-members are not eligible

Through this award ENGSO Youth aims to:

  • Develop the link between youth volunteers and adult volunteers within our member organizations

  • Recognize support and participation of ENGSO Youth Young Delegates

  • Promote volunteering in sport in Europe and display its importance

  • Give more opportunities for youth to get involved

  • Award a young person, not as incentive but in recognition of youth volunteering

The best volunteer will be chosen after the deadline (5th of April 2015) and announced at the ENGSO Youth Assembly in Lisbon.

The nomination of a volunteer

There are two ways of nomination:

1. Nominated by an external party

Example: an ENGSO Youth member wants to put forward one young volunteer within their organisation. They can do so by sending us an email with the following information:

  • Email with subject: Volunteer Award nomination

  • Person nominating needs to provide: his/her contact details

  • (name, email, phone number, country, organisation, role within the organisation, relation to the nominee).

  • along with the following data about the nominee (name, email, organisation, two short

  • lines stating why you chose this person)

  • A filled in 'Volunteer Award 2015 nominee questionnaire' attached.

  • Please note: An individual can nominate more than one person.

2. Self-nomination

  • You need a mentor/reference who can support your application and is not a family member.

  • Get the mentor to fill in the following data (name, email, phone number, country, organisation, role within the organisation, relation to the nominee and two short lines stating why we should chose this young volunteer).

  • Send the above, along with a filled 'Volunteer Award 2015 nominee questionnaire' (attached) through an Email entitled (subject): Volunteer Award self-nomination.

Volunteer Award 2015 Nominee questionnaire

Please fill in the following information thoroughly, within a limit of 2 pages and send it as a PDF document to [email protected] :and/or post/fax to ENGSO Youth Secretariat C/O NOC of Serbia Generala Vasica 5, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia, +381 (11) 3671574 | F: +381 (11) 3671887

  • Name

  • Email

  • Organisation

  • Country living in

  • Age

  • Mentor/Reference (name, email, organisation)

  • Languages spoken and at what level (beginner, intermediate, fluent, native)

  • How did you find out about ENGSO Youth VA

  • What is your current role / involvement in sport volunteering?

  • When did you first get involved in volunteering in sport? How and why?

  • Why are you still involved and what keeps you motivates?

  • Name one of your most memorable moments as a volunteer.

  • What would like to achieve in future?

  • What is or has been one of your biggest barriers as a volunteer?

  • How many hours a week (on average) do you volunteer?

  • Who are the beneficiaries of your work as volunteer?

  • What is your dream for the future of sport, youth and volunteering?


The deadline for the nominations is the 5th of April 2015 at midnight, for any further questions on information please email us at: [email protected] or call +381 (11) 3671574.


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