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All around Europe, countries are worried when it comes to youth employability. As top priority to securing a positive future for young people, ENGSO Youth with partners are creating the FORCE to combat youth unemployment #SEYouth

ENGSO Youth initiated creation of a strong pool of stakeholders and sport- and socio-cultural organizations in order to tackle the uneployment of young people in Europe. #SEYouth team would like to offer innovative solutions and possibilities development through/by sport. Supported by Youth in Action Programme of the European Union, they present European wide initiatives that promote youth-employment in and through the sport sector and highlights the transferable skills that sport can develop.

The project foresees several actions to raise awareness on opportunities of employment for young people across Europe:

  1. Research/Questionnaire campaign

  2. Seminar “Sport Employs YOUrope” - Recognize non formal education in sport to fight youth unemployment” in Rome/Italy, 1st to 5th of October 2014,

  3. National youth-led campaigns

  4. Tool kit to support national project actions.

European gathering in Italy this September has started with research presentation and will further discuss and develop 3 main points:

  • Recognition of skills gained through NFE in sport to empower youth employability,

  • Opportunities of employability and entrepreneurship in sport sector

  • The importance to develop and strengthen network and partnerships to promote youth employment in and through sport.

“Sport Employs YOUrope” is a long-term initiative for joint action.

Through European cooperation in youth field and sport, SEY aimed to stimulate capacity building, entrepreneurial thinking and employability for young people.

JOIN THE FORCE, contact [email protected]

While network of SEY advocates is daily growing, project is being implemented by:

ENGSO Youth – Youth of European Non-Governmental Youth Organization,

EUSA – European University Sport Association,

ISCA – International Sport and Culture Association,

NOC of Serbia – National Olympic Committee of Serbia ,

Career Center Inventive ,

AICEM – Associazione Italiana Cooperazione Europa Mondo and

other associated partners:

EOSE – European Observatoire of Sport and Employment ,

ANESTAP - Association nationale des étudiants en STAPS ,

JCE - Consejo de la Juventud de Espana (www.cje.org)

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