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Sports youth goes Europe

As the national advocates for children and youth sport in our countries we are responsible for the education of children and young people that are organised in sport. We share this responsibility with coaches, trainers and leaders that work in federations and clubs.

We provide children and young people with opportunities to acquire basic sport skills, to practise sport, to participate in training and competition and to improve performance. We do that on basis of the young people’s wishes, skills, abilities and needs.

Because we give priority to the fun and enjoyment of sport our responsibilities reach far beyond the pure sport side. We stand up for youth sport activities outside the formal framework of training and competition. In these activities we use sport as a mean to work with young people. With the help of sport, communication, participation, prevention and integration becomes possible.

Naturally both aspects – we may call them the formal and non-formal education aspect of sport – form part of our work. However, from our point of view, less attention has been drawn to the development and recognition of the second aspect.

Our co-operation in the Network for the European Youth Work in Sports, therefore, focuses on the non-competitive side of youth sport and the compensation of the above mentioned deficits Find out more in the brochure enclosed.