COME IN! - inclusive sports programmes for young people with and without disabilities

Come In - Creating Opportunity for sport Members at grassroots level to Enable Inclusion, as a partner with the intention of continuing fostering inclusive sports programmes for young people with disabilities and young people without.

​The project is lead by OPES, the Italian member of ENGSO, and involve 3 more partners: ENGSO Youth, ANESTAPS from France and SPARC form the UK and is funded by Erasmus+ sports chapter of the European Union.

RISE - Refugees Integration through Sport

The main goals of RISE are to fight against prejudices and discrimination of disadvantaged young people through sports while improving their soft skills and knowledge and creating positive atmosphere fostering inclusion, active citizenship and participation.


With the realization of the RISE project we also aim to support youngsters to take an active role and become youth leaders in their local communities and demonstrate positive development avenues for their young peers. On the other hand we also wish to bring participants closer to the core values of the European Union and develop their sense of European citizenship. 

Activity, Sport and Play for the Inclusion of Refugees in Europe - ASPIRE

ASPIRE has the main aim of offering suitable participation opportunities for refugees in and through sport, physical activity and play. This aim can be best achieved by the development and implementation of a training module that is informed by underpinning evidence and enhances the skills and competences of facilitators in sport organisations how to adapt to the specific context of refugees and migrants. The training module promotes the psychosocial support of refugees and intercultural dialogu

The project "Voices for truth and dignity - combatting sexual violence in European Sport through the voices of those affected"will generate crutial research data for the European sport community by listening to the voices of those that have been affected by sexual violence in sport.

ENGSO Youth is a partner in the VOICE project led by the German Sport University Cologne.

The study will aim to increase knowledge on the interactions between sport, employment and youth across the EU in order to suggest improvements of EU policy in this area. It will provide an overview and analysis of good practices taking into account tools of recognition of qualifications gained through informal and non-formal learning related to sport in the Member States. It will propose possible future recommendations and plans of strategic actions in the context of contribution of sport to the employability of young people. It will build on already existing information in the other areas like volunteering, skills and development of human capital. It is part of the Europe 2020 strategy.

ENGSO Youth is partner in the study, which is carried out by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

Sport Empowers Disabled Youth (SEDY)

January 2015 - December 2017

The project "Sport Empowers Disabled Youth" will contribute to increasing the level of physical activity of children with a disability, especially through a better matching between demand and supply.

ENGSO Youth is a partner in the SEDY project, which is led by the professorship "Kracht van Sport" (Power of Sport) from the University of Applied Science Amsterdam and Inholland Unversity.

Sport Employs YOUrope (SEY)

May 2014 - March 2015

The project "Sport Employs YOUrope"aimed to promote the development of sustainable networks, the exchange of best practices as well as the recognition of skills gained through non-formal education in sport sector enhancing the opportunity of employability of young people. It promoted european cooperation in the youth field and sport and stimulated capacity building, entrepreneurial thinking and employability for young people. 

The project "Recall: Games of the Past - Sports for Today"aimed to reintroduce Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) into the daily lives of young people as a means to tackle social challenges of today, including the epidemics of physical inactivity.

ENGSO Youth was a partner in the Recall project, which was led by the Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA).

Sport respects your rights was a transnational project, developed to fight abuse and gender-based violence in the youth sport sector.

It built on the network and exchange of good practice initiated through the EU project Prevention of sexual violence in sports.

ENGSO Youth was a partner in the project,which was runed by Sportunion Austria.

The project sensitized and raised awareness about the prevention of sexualized violence on all levels of the European sports environment. It fostered networking and exchange of experiences in a sustainable manner through compiling a catalogue of initiatives and campaigning for an open dialogue.

ENGSO Youth partnered the project led by German Sports Youth.

The EADIn project aimed at establishing a European-wide Anti-Doping mentality in the youth sector by establishing a moral tenor towards concepts such as fair-play. It sensitized and raised awareness about the doping problematic and motivated young people to pass on the message and create a strong multiplying effect.

The German Sports Youth led the project in which ENGSO Youth was a partner.

Health Children in Sound Communities

January 2010 - March 2011

The HCSC project promoted a more active and healthier way of life among children by using physical activity and education. A multi-actor network was established between the stakeholders of the children's social environment, such as families, schools, sport clubs and communal offices. The stakeholders worked together to enable an improved, healthier daliy routine for children.

ENGSO Youth partnered in the project of the German Sports Youth.

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