Committee 2019-21

Ugne started her life in sports field from the young days. While practicing field hockey and playing for the national team of Lithuania, Ugne graduated International Relations and Political Science Institute, where she got her political science diploma. Later on, she finished the International Communication Master's program in Vilnius University, where political communication remained her main interest. Since 2010 Ugne is working with various NGO's (Unicef, Active Youth, Zuvedra Hockey Club) to encourage young people actively participate in the society. As well, Ugne is experienced in the international project management and facilitation. Currently, she works as an expert of International Cooperation at Central Project Management Agency in Lithuania.


As an ENGSO Youth committee member Ugne works on social inclusion topic, ENGSO Youth young delegates network management and communication support.

Ugne Chmeliauskaite, Chair

Filip Filipic has a decade long experience in the Sport for All sector. Following his close cooperation with the NOC Serbia, Filip Filipic became a Serbian Youth Council member (affiliation of NOC Serbia) during his studies and was engaged in an array of international sporting events for youth, ranging from championships and competitions, to grassroots initiatives and Olympic movement. Filip joined ENGSO in 2012 as a representative of NOC Serbia within the ENGSO EU Advisory Committee, aiming to foster the voice of the European Sport Movement through policy. The combination of his background in marketing and management, as well as his extensive practical experience in grassroots sport recommended him for the participation in the ENGSO Marketing and Communication Working Group in late 2012. Soon after, he became ENGSO Youth Delegate where he developed interest for innovative solutions in the sport for youth arena. In April 2015, he was elected ENGSO Youth Committee member, where he worked on organisation's corporate identity (relaunched both ENGSO & ENGSO Youth's websites), sustainable development and employability topics (supported the conduction of the Study on the Contribution of Sport to the Employability of Young People in the Context of the Europe 2020 Strategy). He joined ENGSO Youth Employment Working Group in spring 2015 and later became a member of European Youth Forum’s Job Creation Network. He’s also an alumnus of the International Olympic Academy. His vision as ENGSO Youth Vice-Chair is to empower his team to generate sustainable solutions for the improvement of grassroots sport for youth across the globe.

Filip Filipic, Vice-Chair

Lovisa’s interests and experiences in the field of sports started early on and have been growing ever since. This interest and passion eventually led her to academia, she holds a master degree in sport management. Currently she’s a PhD student at the Faculty of Sport Science, Malmö University, Sweden, specializing in communication and sport with a focus on social media. Lovisa is also currently working as a project manager for the ENGSO project CHAMP. Her involvement in international youth sports took off when she had the position as project manager for the World University Equestrian Championship in 2016. She is also currently active within the Swedish University Sports Federation (SAIF).

Lovisa is primarily interested in areas as Inclusion, Gender and Education within sports together with topics as: Digitalization and social media and sports.

Lovisa Broms, Committee member

My name is Titouan, I’m 22 years old and I live in Paris, France. I grew up with sport around me since I can’t remember, first as a handball player, and then as a coach and a referee in various other physical activities. I graduated last year in both sport management and physical education in France. These studies abled me to develop my knowledge on the benefits of physical activities and taught me how to use it to contribute to bigger goals, and on the side to be committed to defend youth rights and promote sport at local, national and european scale. In these matters, appart from being a committee member of ENGSO Youth, I am currently working for the national organization representing student in the field of sport (ANESTAPS) as general vice-president and am the representative of the French Youth Council (CNAJEP) for the European Youth Forum. The main topics I am focusing on are education, employability and inclusion.

Titouan Martin Barré, Committee member

Graduated in Sport Science by the Faculty of Sport of the University of Porto. Currently is finishing is Master degree on Physical Education by the same faculty. At the moment she is working at the University of Coimbra Sports Services, with responsibilities regarding the promotion of physical activity and sport. She is also passionate woman about everything that relates to sport.


Her active, positive and enthusiastic attitude led her to become involved with several activities and leadership roles. More recently she was Vice-President of the Portuguese University Sport Federation (FADU) and member of the Organizing Committee of the 4th European University Games Coimbra 2018 (EUG2018), the biggest multi-sport event ever organized in Portugal, where she was the director of the Educational Programme and the main organizer of the Rectors’ Conference Coimbra 2018.

Marianna Cardoso, Committee member

Iva Glibo is a Croatian with a German address. Following her internships with streetfootballworld and GIZ (the German International Development Agency) with a clear focus on sport for development since 2016 Iva works at the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) as a Sport Science Research Manager. At ICSSPE, Iva is a member of the research team and is engaged with several EU-funded projects with various responsibilities including monitoring and evaluation, literature research, material development and project management. In addition, she was involved in various UNESCO projects including Quality Physical Education Pilot Project and the MINEPS VI where she facilitated, in close cooperation with other stakeholders, the development of working documents and background information.


She graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb with a Master’s thesis on the quality of life of young athletes and parenting in sport as well as from the International Olympic Academy’s Master’s programme, where her work focused on the perceived importance of the soft policy in international sport.

Iva Glibo, Committee member

I am Kiki, 27 years old, living in Germany and coming from the German Sports Youth - but my heart is European.

My background is the German Motorsports Youth but I am also pretty much into any kind of sports because I tr(y)ied a lot and do a lot of sports with my friends.

Since I am volunteering, sport is more than fun. It is a medium to break down barriers and to unite many different people with different cultures and backgrounds.

Also sport has the power to change – not only prejudices but also personalities. I believe that through sport we can make the society a bit more social and inclusive for everyone.

If we stand up and raise our voice for those who won’t be heard, sport will make the difference. Be a voice not an echo.

Kirsten Hasenpusch, Committee member

Erika is a student of Sport Management at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, and interned at the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation. She is currently researching her final thesis on Governmental Funds in Professional Sports. Erika has had a long term passion for outdoor sports which started with basketball and grew to include skiing, cycling, and hiking.


Erika has had the fortune to be involved with several sport-centric Erasmus+ projects and training courses, and she is leading a project application to promote Active Citizenship through Sport, ahead of the 2019 European parliamentary elections..

Inclusion through Sport, especially for marginalised groups, and Sport Diplomacy, are Erika’s primary pursuits at ENGSO Youth.

Erika Juhasz, Committee member

Ivana is a former basketball player who has experienced the power of sport at a very young age. As a former war refugee, she found a new home in Austria, where she completed her Masters’ degrees in German and Slavic languages at the University of Vienna. Moreover, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science & Management. Her previous work experience includes working at the EUSA Universities Games & being Media Manager of the Austrian basketball federation. Ivana is currently involved in the #NewLeaders project from the IOC & EOC and the Sports Diplomacy Academy, a legacy of recent First Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Her biggest interests lie in sports for development, sports diplomacy, international relations and gender equality.

Ivana Pranjic, Committee member

Dora is currently living in Budapest, Hungary. She took her Bachelor's degree from Recreation Management at the University of Physical Education, Budapest. Her thesis was about how sport can develop employability related skills and competences, since she believe's that sport is a very powerful tool.


As the Vice-president of Hope for Children Hungary she has considerable experience concerning Erasmus+ youth and sport projects in the filed of facilitation and project management. 

Dóra Faragó , Operations Manager

Bence holds an MA degree in International Relations and he is currently enrolled to the Hungarian University of Physical Education as a PhD student. His research concerns the utilization of sport in public diplomacy. After having been involved in a traineeship at the EU Commission’s Sport Unit, he worked as an officer for EU and international sport and youth affairesat the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities. As the president of the International Sport Association of Budapest he has considerable experience in the fields of youth leadership and international project management, especially concerning Erasmus+ youth and sport projects.


He used to play football at semi-professional level, but nowadays he practices diverse sport activities.

Bence Garamvölgyi, Policy and Projects Manager

Polona has been working in sports media for more than a decade. She is a former editor of the biggest European online magazine on functional fitness and active living (BOXROX) with expertise in digital communication and online marketing for sport. Her experience includes managing communications and media team (ISF, Gymnasiade 2018) at international sport events, and developing and strengthening sport organizations/companies’ online presence.


She holds a BA in Graphic and Interactive Communication from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is a former alpine skier (and youth athlete), nowadays with a passion for outdoor sports and weightlifting.

Polona Fonda, Communication Officer 

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