Committee 2021-23
Ugne Chmeliauskaite, Chair

ENGSO member I represent: Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations

Profession/studies: Expert on International Development Cooperation

Special areas of competence: Development cooperation; International relations; Youth empowerment; Social inclusion; Non-formal education; Training and facilitation; Project management

Favourite sport: Field Hockey

Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: 17, Partnership for the goals. Because only together we can make the difference!


Favourite motivation quote: "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" - Walt Disney

Filip Filipic, Vice-Chair

ENGSO member I represent: Olympic Committee of Serbia

Profession/studies: Senior Technical Project Manager

Special areas of competence: Non-formal Education; Employability; Volunteering; SDGs; Innovation; Project Management;

Favourite sport: Swimming

Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: "4. Quality Education", because it lays the foundation for achieving many other SDGs.

Favourite motivation quote: "Success tomorrow starts today"

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Henrietta Weinberg , Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: German Sports Youth (dsj)


Profession/studies: Sports Psychology 


Special areas of competence: Volunteering, Non-formal Education, Mental Health, Gender Equality


Favourite sport: judo


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: quality education, because it forms the basis for joint advancement. 


Favourite motivation quote: "If there is effort, there is always accomplishment." - Jigoro Kano 

Ronalds Rets Rezais, Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: Latvian Sports Federations Council


Profession/studies: Project Specialist

Special areas of competence: Sport Diplomacy, Project Management, Research, Finances.

Favourite sport: Ice hockey

Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: peace, justice and strong institutions", because it is the "glue" that allows our society, economy, institutions and political system to function efficiently.


Favourite motivation quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take" - Wayne Gretzky.

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Anett Fodor, Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation 

Profession/studies: Sport Management Msc

Special areas of competence: event management, volunteer management, sport for development, gender equality

Favourite sport: water polo, swimming, kickboxing

Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: Quality Education, because this could be the solution for all the other challenges in the world.

Favourite motivation quote: "Travel is not reward for working, it's education for living. "

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Iva Glibo, Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: Croatian Olympic Committee

Profession/studies: Research Associate and PhD Candidate at the Technical University of Munich

Special areas of competence: sustainable development, physical activity and mental health, monitoring and evaluation

Favourite sport: Baton twirling

Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: SDG 13 climate action: I think it is the most urgent one.

Favourite motivation quote:  "Nigdar ni tak bilo da ni nekak bilo, pak ni vezda nebu da nam nekak nebu." Miroslav Krleža

Pál Vitalis Joensen Oly, Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee

Profession/studies: Account Executive at software company

Special areas of competence: personal data protection, business development and project management 

Favourite sport: swimming

Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: gender equality, because I have two daughters that should get the same opportunities in sport, carreer and in life as myself


Favourite motivation quote: “He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How.”- Nietzsche

Sofie Korbee.jpg
Sofie Korbee, Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: The Netherlands Olympic Committee*National Sport Federation (NOC*NSF)

Profession/studies: Project leader Event Policy / MA Communication and Information Sciences and BSc Sport Sciences

Special areas of competence: Policy advice on and evaluation of impact of international sports events, grassroots sports participation monitoring, communication and sport for development.

Favourite sport: windsurfing and cycling

Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: gender equality, because everyone deserves equal chances!


Favourite motivation quote: “Always try to move a little bit further in life. Trust yourself, you can fly very high." – Lewis Hamilton

Polona Fonda, Communication Officer 

Profession/studies: Graphic and interactive communications


Special areas of competence: communications and digital marketing for sport for development and sport for all


Favourite sport: alpine skiing, ski touring, mountain bike, Olympic weightlifting


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: 17 - Partnerships for the goals; we can only achieve SDGs if we work together towards a common goal.  


Favourite motivation quote: when nothing is certain, everything is possible. 

Christian Saleh Hajj, Project Manager 

Profession/studies: Bachelor in Physical Education and Sport Sciences
Master's degree in Olympic Studies, Olympic Education, Organization and Management of Olympic Events, PhD student in Olympic Studies


Special areas of competence: Physical Education & Sports; Olympic Education; Training; Project, Sport and Volunteer Management


Favourite sport: Wushu Kung Fu


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: SDG 4: Quality Education 
I truly believe that through a balanced education of all the qualities of body, mind and spirit, we can achieve all 17 goals and transform our world to a better and peaceful place.


Favourite motivation quote: Leave this world a little better than you found it - Robert Baden-Powell

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Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations

Lithuanian ENGSO member organisation - Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations - was established in 1992. It is an umbrella organisation for 73 national sport federations in Lithuania, being one of the widest sport organisation in the country.


Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations works closely with the National Olympic Committee, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Sports University. Member organisation actively participates in ERASMUS+ programme and promotes youth sports in the daily work.